Erotic Hair Pulling – Grab A Chunk

Hair pulling can be very erotic and sensual – or it can be painful and a huge distraction or even worse, a turn off! To make sure it feels good, grab a full hand of hair. When you have a healthy bunch and you pull it firmly the pressure is evenly distributed over a larger area of her head and will pull and massage her scalp which feels rrrrealllly good!

Ds Power Exchange And Dirty Talk

The sexually submissive person likes the idea of being surrendered or submitting to another person and being used for sexual gratification – nothing arouses them more! Most of this power exchange (if not all) is in the mind. Outwardly, little or no activity is happening but a lot is going on mentally. By talking about the situation both the Dominant and the submissive get into the headspace of their preference. The verbal communication creates the space for the fantasy to manifest. The internal experience is brought more sharply into reality through hearing it said out loud.

Fetish Is To Be Forced

CFNM stands for Clothed Female Nude Male. This is specific type of fetish porn having to do with female domination. The clothed dominant female plays with a nude submissive male. She may force him to masturbate. Forcing him to do anything is extremely erotic – he is aroused by being out of control and not knowing what is going to happen next. Kid Dynamite explains how he got into the porn industry. Now he makes videos about brutal foot domination and forced foot fantasies on sale at

Submissive Male Has Smelly Foot Fetish

One many of us have heard of foot fetishes – but this can be even more specialized. An example is the stinky foot fetish. And not only does this fetishist like the stinky foot, but the natural odor in particular. Not just foot worship, but to be forced to smell the feet. This mixed with being bound and used sexually… this is what Kid Dynamite likes. For him, added humiliation is not necessary. The scenario of being bound, stinky feet forced in front of his nose and being used sexually is humiliating enough. Also, verbal interaction is key. He likes to hear about the stinky feet and be degraded.

Communicate Your Kink

On Sunday, August 21st at 5pm Nikki Lundberg will be speaking to a local group (the D/s Society) at the Erotic Heritage Museum about sexual communication and how people can better share kinky intimate desires with their partner. Bad sex is a drag on a marriage and people are looking for ways to improve their sex lives. Not many people are teaching communication skills about sex to the public. Nikki works with individuals and groups mentoring people toward having fully expressed sexuality.