Female Pleasure Project

What is the Female Pleasure Project?

Initially designed by Sex Coach Nikki, the project has one primary purpose: To determine what the best tools are for females to increase sexual satisfaction.  Sexual satisfaction includes increased libido and increased orgasmic experiences both in frequency and intensity.

Here are the different parts of the project:

  1. Sensation Exploration
  2. Events
  3. Content Production

Sensation Exploration Practice/Experiment

I believe that through erotic practices women will experience increased libido and pleasure.  The only way to figure out what really works (or not) is to experiment.  The experimentation will be as scientific as possible.  It will be difficult to get anything besides anecdotal evidence but that is better than nothing at this point.

I will be teaching erotic practices that are very specific.  Those that want to participate in the experiments will need to share their demographics as well as complete a monthly check in.  Participants will need to keep track of their activities and experiences during the experiment.

Live Event Production Team

  1. In person – right now I host 1 or 2 events per month. Each month has its own theme.  The perspective for this year is from the female body point of view.  Topics include:
  2. Female Ejaculation
  3. Fellatio
  4. Cunnilingus
  5. Anal
  6. Masturbation

More will be added as time goes on.

  1. Being a part of this team includes attending rehearsals and classes. Demonstration models fall into this category.  This would be several meetings a month.  This commitment could be on an event by event basis.

Content Production Team

This team will be involved with producing videos and other content to help spread our work beyond ourselves online.  This would be several meetings a month.  This commitment could be on a project by project basis.

Membership Requirements

You must agree to follow the protocol and etiquette laid out for the members of this project.

If you are interested in joining please watch this video or click here to read this page that explains all the etiquette for the project and message Nikki to arrange an interview.





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