News Story About Swinging Couples

I liked this video…it is a no nonsense review on the swinging lifestyle.

Couples are smart to review the benefits and risks of the swinging lifestyle. The #1 factor for the risks associated with swinging is the lack of communication. As a couple, each of you need to talk about ALL of your expectations and concerns, no matter what. Anything left out has the potential to cause problems down the road.

Have the discussion beforehand about what you’re expecting.  For example, what are you looking for?

  • To be in the atmosphere
  • Actually participating
  • You are not sure what you want and would like to play it by ear

Even though most swing clubs and events have their own rules and guidelines, what are the boundaries for you as a couple?

  • When it comes to touching – review each body part, not just erogenous zones
  • Regarding nudity – in public and in private
  • Is it ok to kiss another person of the opposite sex?

If you talk about these in advance then you will be united when you put yourself in the position to manifest your fantasies.

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