Tantalizing Tuesday

Happy Halloween / Oktoberfest / Day Of The Dead / Fall Equinox etc.

Day Of The Dead Girl By Lindsay Marie

Isn’t that a beautiful pic?  Click it to see more on a website I came across.

As October comes to an end I’m looking ahead to November
and I’ve decided I want to do a project.

Naked Gratitude

grateful body

I am creating this space to let you open up and get real in a safe way.

Anyone who sees what you send is already “all in” just like you.

Here’s how it works:

I invite you to send in a picture of yourself naked with a gratitude list to
share with the group. This picture does not need to be pornographic.
It does not need to show your face – in the event you want to remain
anonymous I will keep your identity a secret.

With your picture include a gratitude list. The list does not need to be
sexual in nature, however, this will be a place that it’s okay to share
intimate, erotic and sensual feelings of gratitude that may not be
appropriate to share anywhere else so take advantage of it.

I will post your image and your gratitude list on the password protected
page and send you an email containing the password.

The project starts on November 1st! Send your pics and lists to me at

Why Naked?

I recently got the courage up to post on my website that I do some
of my sex coaching nude.  I was very nervous because I was afraid of
rejection and criticism both professionally and personally.  Therapy is
generally held to a certain standard and nudity is outside the code of ethics
of any licensed therapist in any form or therapy that I know of.

There is a lot of risk but I’ve decided to take the risk because it’s
worth it in light of the benefit.  By being more open about myself and
my work I will be able to help more people with my special gifts.
Once again I’ve come to a point of raw honesty and I’m choosing to
shine more brightly rather than hiding my flame.

Many benefits come from working naked.  Issues about shame
of the body and the genitals are released immediately – something that
can take years and years with talk therapy.  By being naked and seeing
other people – normal, average, everyday people – in the nude we are able
to quickly connect and work on a deeper level.  Arousal is allowed and even
welcome.  Experiencing arousal puts a new spin on any activity and heightens
not only your senses but also your abilities to communicate and be creative.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!  Prayers go out to all those on
the East Coast who are dealing with the hurricane.  For the rest of you, have a
happy and safe Halloween!

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