How To Give A Great Blow Job

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How To Give A Great Blow Job

  1. Make sure you are grounded in your body and you use the sensations in your body to guide you just as much if not more than his cues.
  2. Focus on having a good experience instead of giving a good performance. Consider going goalless.
  3. Practice, practice, practice. Try out all these techniques several times to see what feels good in your body. The first time will be the strangest because it will be new but by the 3rd time you will most likely be developing some muscle memory and be able to relax into the sensation.

Tips and techniques:

Use Your Body As A Guide

The more you practice the better you will get. And – there are practices you can adopt that will speed up your progress of becoming sensitive to your own body. The best I know of is Orgasmic Meditation. Second best is masturbation meditation. After that having a fitness practice and anything else that helps you to stay mindful and in the moment will help.

When giving stimulation feel the build up in your own body. As you feel the tightness build up pay attention to the peak. Once a peak has passed it’s a good time to make a change in the type of stimulation you are giving.

Make sure that everything you do feels good to you and your body. Yes, the receiver should like it, but if you don’t it won’t be sustainable.

Pay attention to your genitals.

Make it playful and have fun.


Stopping to talk can be ok. Letting your partner know what sensations you are feeling and enjoying makes them enjoy it even more.   I like to focus on the sensation of the skin sliding in and out of my lips.

  • Practice asking yes or no questions.
  • Coach your receiver to give adjustments or make requests rather than complaints.
  • Coach your receiver to give one adjustment at a time.
  • Experiment with using a timer – only giving oral for 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Experiment with taking directions – only move or change what you are doing when your receiver asks for it.
  • Talk about what you are going to do before you do it.
  • Review your experience together afterward.
  • Go into the session with no goal or expectation of outcome. Shoot for a great experience, not a great performance.

Performing Fellatio (Giving A Blow Job)

Take your time at the beginning . Kiss all over the body. Resist the temptation to go straight to the cock. Going slow will create anticipation and heightens the sensation. Even sniffing / breathing will produce a sensation.

When you first take his cock into your mouth, pause. Let the sensations sink into your mouth. Feel his cock completely. Notice the taste, texture and aroma.

If you are low on saliva use lube. If you have a lot of saliva spit it out. Try not to swallow it. Allow his entire genital area to get nice and wet.

Use a variety of strokes.

  • Long deep strokes moving your mouth all the way up and all the way down.
  • Short deep strokes where you keep his cock as deep as possible and only bob your head up and down a few inches.
  • Roll your head around with his cock in your mouth as you also bob up and down.
  • Lick in circles around the entire cock. I like to clockwise as I move my head up and down so every time I’m at the top I go over the tip of his dick with the bottom of my tongue and every time the top of my tongue is on the bottom of his cock I take his cock into my mouth as deep as possible.
  • Wrapping your lips around your teeth allows you to apply more pressure to the shaft.
  • To increase the intensity and add variety switch to using your hand.
  • You can hold your mouth still on the glans and use your hand on his shaft as he pumps in and out of your mouth for another sensation.
  • Pull his cock in different directions. This will give him different sensations as you are stretching the muscles and tendons at the base of his shaft.
  • If you deep throat (or attempt to deep throat) Even choking is a different sensation that can be pleasurable for the two of you.

Stimulate his scrotum and testicles. The skin on the scrotum is similar to the skin on the labia. It can (usually)be handled for added sensation. All these moves will produce different sensations.

  • Licking
  • Sucking
  • Light deliberate nibbling
  • Tugging
  • Stretching the skin to the point the skin is taught.
  • Massaging the testicles.
  • Pulling the testicles away from the body.

Massage his perineum. Make a fist and press it into his body just below his tesitcles. Move your closed fist in circles as you maintain pressure. This provides external stimulation to the prostate. This is also a good place to lick.

Different positions have different benefits. One good position is for the giver to lie down in between the receiver’s legs. Then roll onto one side your head can rest on his thigh. You can slide your bottom arm under his thigh (go over if that’s more comfortable) so you can touch the front of his torso. You can use your top arm and hand to stimulate his balls and butt as you use your mouth on his cock. If you roll even further you can reach down with your top hand to masturbate while using your bottom hand to stimulate his cock and balls.

Edging is when a person is kept on the edge of climax. The closer he gets to climax the more often you can change the stimulation to keep him on the edge. The longer you edge the more intense the climax (usually). This is also a time when a man can experience orgasm without ejaculation.

When he does finally enter into climax continue steady firm stimulation. Don’t change. Once the main peak of the climax has passed focus your strokes on the shaft as the glans can become painfully sensitive.

Make Her Think You’re An Astronaut!

Make Her Think You’re An Astronaut!

7 do’s and please don’ts of Oral Sex that will make her see stars…

Today we’re going to be talking about cunnilingus: What it is and how to perform well. To put it simply, cunnilingus is the technical term for performing oral sex on a woman. Similar to fellatio, it can be used as foreplay or as the main event of your sexual adventures!

  1. Do talk to your girl! Let her know that you want to do this for her. Many women are insecure about receiving oral sex for a variety of reasons. Women are often more self-conscious than men about things.  For example, what it smells or tastes like down there. Ladies, believe your man when he says he wants to do this for you. He wouldn’t say it if he didn’t mean it! Consider this a gift-you wouldn’t turn down jewelry or a new car, so don’t turn him down on an even better gift!
  2. Please don’t dive right in! Start slow and easy, kiss and gently caress your way down her body, run your fingers lightly on the insides of her thighs. If she’s ticklish, slow down and be a little firmer. This will tame the ticklish reaction. She needs to be relaxed and receptive to you. I would also suggest making sure that you have recently shaved or your beard is smooth and soft, your rough 5 o’clock shadow may look hot, but when it is scraping against her inner thighs, it won’t feel good at all.
  3. Do be gentle with her clitoris. The temptation for many men when going down on their girl is to head straight for the clit. This is not going to make her see stars, especially if she is not yet aroused. The clitoris is similar to a man’s penis, and has just as many nerve endings (and is therefore just as sensitive) as the head of your penis is. In fact, if she isn’t yet aroused, you might not even see the clitoris when you head south, though you will see the clitoral hood, this is similar to a foreskin and protects the clitoris until she’s ready to “come out of hiding” so to speak.  Many women (and men) find it erotic to even start before she even takes her panties off. You can touch, kiss and lick her through the fabric and it will feel good without too much fear of over-stimulation before she’s ready for it.
  4. Do stimulate the labia and vaginal opening. Lick, kiss and suck on her whole vaginal area, the clit may be the star of the show, but the supporting cast needs loving too! Consider it the equivalent of her licking your balls during a blowjob- feels phenomenal right? It feels just as amazing to her, especially since most women have not had any extensive stimulation to these areas.
  5. Do use plenty of lube. Your saliva is best. Especially at first, before she has produced enough of her own lubrication you want to add some in as needed, and a lot is needed. Use the flat of your tongue to spread the pressure out across her vaginal area, the tip of the tongue will put too much pressure in one small area, particularly when you’re licking her clit. Move in circles around it; flick your tongue up and down, side to side, whatever gets her motor going.
  6. Please don’t be afraid to get your fingers in on the action! Many women enjoy manual stimulation as well as oral stimulation, and you can incorporate this into your cunningulus adventures. Once she is aroused and lubricated well, slip a finger into the vaginal opening as you lick or suck on her clitoris. The g-spot is a major nerve center inside the vagina. You can find it by simply feeling around. The g-spot will have a much rougher texture than the rest of her vagina, similar to that of a damp sponge. Be gentle with this area at first, as it is packed with nerve endings and can be highly sensitive! Start slow. She’ll tell you when she’s ready for more, if not with words, with body language.  Once she is warmed up you can be quite aggressive stimulating the g-spot on most women.
  7. PLEASE DON’T STOP! When she’s close to climaxing, she will let you know. If she can’t verbalize it (good job!) she will be giving you physical cues. You will know. Whatever you are doing at the moment you notice she’s close, keep doing it! Keep the same pressure, penetration, movements; if she wants you to change it, she’ll let you know. This is a good time to theoretically sit back and let her use you as a personal sex toy. If she wants it harder she’ll grind on you, if she wants it softer, she’ll pull back a little. Keep going until she collapses in a heap of satisfied exertion, then you will know you have done your job and made her see stars!

Happy Endings!






Fellatio can be a wonderful way to spice up your sex life! The tips I have for you are gleaned from my personal experience, what I’ve gotten compliments on and that sort of thing. Fellatio (as well as cunnilingus) is often thought of as an act of foreplay prior to intercourse, which it can be, but tonight; make it your main event!

Foreplay isn’t just for sex! Build up the anticipation to further excite your partner. This particular act is pretty much all about him, so rock his world! You can kiss down his body, avoiding the penis and scrotum and focusing on his thighs for a few minutes, kissing them all over and running your fingers or tongue lightly over the skin. If you know your man likes it a little rougher, then add more pressure. The point is to allow the excitement to build up before you even touch his package.

Don’t ignore the balls or the perineum; these highly sensitive areas are all too often forgotten about when they are just inches away from your face. Fondle the balls as you suck and lick the penis. You can even gently pull them down and away from the body, with the proper technique this will also delay orgasm for a little bit. Use your fingers to massage the perineum (the small strip of skin between his scrotum and his anus) to stimulate the prostate from the outside. This will increase his pleasure and his orgasm will be much more intense for him.

Where and When? Two things need to be discussed prior to you going down on your guy- where is he going to ejaculate? Are you going to swallow it? Would you prefer that he came on another part of your body or in your mouth? What does he prefer? Some women are able to do this from the get go and men love to be able to push it as far as it will go. Many women have an easy gag reflex and though there are techniques that can help ease this if that is your goal, you want to make sure you both have a clear boundary in line before you’re in the heat of the moment.

Variety! Lick him up and down the shaft and around the head of his penis. The best lube is your spit and lots of it! He’ll love the sensation of your wet lips and tongue all over his package. Use your hands too: You can put your hand at the base of his penis and move it in either circular motions by rotating your hand around his penis as you lick and suck the head, or moving your hand up and down the shaft in tandem with your mouth. The dual and competing sensations will drive him absolutely wild! Just be sure to avoid using your teeth unless you know he’s into it. Teeth are sharp and his penis is sensitive, nothing will kill the mood faster than him sitting up and screaming “Ouch” at the top of his lungs.

Get excited about it! He’ll enjoy receiving much more if he knows you’re enjoying performing!

Happy Endings!