Sex Coach services for kickass people who are ready for peak erotic experiences so their sex life matches the rest of their lives!

sex coach Nikki

  • Are you ready to experience new things in the bedroom but don’t know where to start?

  • Is it time to learn new skills to become a better lover?

  • Do you wish you could have more intimacy and connection?


Hello Friend,

I’m Nikki Lundberg.

I see many people suffering in sexless marriages and dissatisfying sex lives.  They deal with rejection in their own bedroom and they have no one supporting them to develop their sexuality as an individual since they are in a committed relationship.  I save people the pain of totally ruining their relationship because of their sexuality, to help them be honest, open-minded, and willing to try new things and not have it ruin their life.  Click here to read my story.

You can benefit from my unique abilities to:

  • Touch for healing and arousal
  • Explain and teach how to give that touch
  • Teach people new sexual things
  • Coach people to experience new sexual things
  • Talk about sex and sexuality openly and freely


You will be the master of your own pleasure.

You will experience a deeper connection with your partner

You will know how to explore new things

You will be an expert at intimate communication

You will know how to be the best lover

You will master your intimate expression

You will know how to build passion

People who get the most relief through working with me are:

  • Deeply committed to their relationship
  • Heavily invested in their relationship
  • Feeling the desire to progress with their partner
  • Loving and loyal to their spouse
  • Mature in their attitude and outlook on life
  • Experienced in self-improvement – be it personal, spiritual or business
  • Ready to invest the effort it takes to change

Sex Coach NikkiReady for more information?  Shoot me a text to find out more about my private coaching services and schedule a complimentary exploratory phone call to see if we would be a good fit to work together!




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