Erotic Life Coaching For Couples And Singles

Erotic Life Coaching For Couples And Singles


Are you feeling stagnant and unfulfilled in life in general and the bedroom, in particular?

Is it time to tap into and develop the inner strength, charisma, and eros that you’ve always craved?

Do you feel like your unmet needs and desires are negatively affecting your work and relationships?

Do you experience envy and jealousy when you hear about others’ sexcapades and sexperiences and wish you could have them too?

Are you ready to make changes and do the difficult correct things rather than the easy wrong things?


Then Erotic Life Coaching is for you!


This 90-day coaching program is perfect for the person who is new or intermediate in erotic exploration and wants to improve their life and explore their sexuality solo or with a partner.

By the end of 90 days, you can begin and grow along the journey to:

  • Becoming an open, vulnerable and confident communicator
  • Experiencing a deep connection with friends and loved ones
  • Increasing your libido
  • Increasing your virility
  • Experiencing erotic confidence
  • Enjoying body acceptance, confidence, and love
  • Understanding and releasing negative thought patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back

I customize coaching to the couple or individual.  Some examples of what we could focus on are:

  • Clarifying Desires – for example:
    • Increase libido (and sexual frequency)
    • Have better sex and peak erotic experiences
    • Overcome sexual dysfunction (ED, PE, painful sex, inability to climax)
    • Changing your lifestyle (going from vanilla to kinky or monogamy to nonmonogamy)
  • Creating erotic practices to support you in manifesting your desires.  For example:
    • Orgasmic meditation
    • Erotic massage
    • Mindful masturbation
  • Clearing out what has been holding you back through practices like
    • Personal introspection practices (journaling and meditation)
    • Lifestyle improvement (exercise and nutrition)
  • Exploring kinks, fetishes and unconventional lifestyles
    • Power Exchange
    • Role Play
    • All kinds of fetishes
    • Non-Monogamy (Swinging, Polyamory)
  • Communication And Connection
    • Making it safe to be honest and vulnerable
    • Releasing expectations
    • Learning the 5 Love Languages and how to communicate in them
    • Repairing relationship damage

How it works:

We meet over the phone, video chat, or in-person in Las Vegas either once a week or every other week – you pick.  Each session is 30 – 90 minutes, depending on what we are doing in the session.  In between sessions, I’m available via email.

During the 90 days, all my private clients also get access to any group video presentations or conference calls I offer.


One time payment of $2,497

Payment plans are available.

If you know this is the right fit for you, then please email me, and we will go over payment options.

If you are not sure and would like to schedule an exploratory session, I do ask a $97 deposit.  If we move forward, that fee will be applied toward our coaching.

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