Bondage And Sensation Play Session Recap From Sex Coach Nikki

Adding sensation play to love making sessions can increase the intensity of your time together. Bondage and blindfolding will increase a partner’s vulnerability and help them to be focused on the sensations in their body. Make sure to keep it fun and interesting using a variety of objects and types of touch.  If you’re interested in learning how to incorporate this just ask me, Sex Coach Nikki.  Also, feel free to check out

Below is the transcript in case you’d rather read it:)


here’s a recap from a session with a
focused on sensation play basically
it was all focused on sensation play
and focused on the pleasure
side the spectrum so
we didn’t use any safe word nothing like
we just agreed that if there was
something happening that he didn’t love
that I would stop and
we would we would talk about it.
That never happened because I go very
and I was able to just be in tune with
I definitely did stretch his boundaries so
that was
a huge pleasure so I’m going to
now show you some of the things I used and
let you see what you think so here we are
in my session room after my
session here I am
this is the bed we were on
and first thing I did was I
tied him up gentlyin my restraints and
we used the velcro straps
put him onto the edges the
so just loosely bound
very comfortable spread eagle and I
the blindfold on him and
you know this is someone who normally
is entirely
in a highlevel of
stress very much ahead take charge
kind of person
so for him to give up the
control is big deal it’s really big
and I felt honored that he would do it in
and it was great
it’s really good to take away the site
because it just made him that much more
vulnerable an outofcontrol
and more focused on sensations in his
so is it made it more intense so some
of the things I used
we started out soft with
feather duster here and then we went
on to this belt I ran this belt
over him over his body first soft then I took it and
I gave him little taps for the sensation of
the impact
and I took this it’s a little bit more
belt stiffer and again I ran it over his
and then just with the tip did
some impact play so that was nice
name use this flogger know this flogger
very soft its suede and
when you just set down there’s no pain to
mean I did some brushing
then we got a little bit more
on the impact side of things with this
now this is actually some metal on the
and of this flogger and I did some brushing
slow and fast and then some little impact on his
nipples and genitals
its really intense when all that was
I got out the vibrator
and it’s not plugged in right now so you can’t hear the
vibration but between that and the lube
I got on top of him
and while he was working
to pleasure me I
was playing with him with a vibrator
and it was really nice because he was
totally you know outta control and
and basically experienced
an orgasm of a type that he’s never felt
because of his situation where he was
spread eagle
it was like he
couldn’t work he couldn’t make it happen
when that orgasm came it was
the kind of orgasm where he was
letting go he couldn’t
clinch his muscles he couldn’t bear down
he can’t work harder to make it happen
and he actually
he came uncontrollably with a huge huge
of ejaculate it was very hot
and I think because of the type to
orgasm it was he didn’t feel
you know spent and tired afterward and
wasn’t done done and I was able to then
get the massage oil
and I’ve been using olive
oil and I’ve been using the lemon
also it’s very refreshing and smells good it
feels good
and I was able to just massage his
entire thighs groin
and we even played a little bit more
after that
yeah very nice
very nice and I just had to share with
alright well I hope you enjoy this and
let me know if you have any questions I’d
be happy to answer them


Golden Showers And Human Toilet Training

water sportsDisgusting fetishes can be difficult to wrap your mind around at first but with time and communication a certain understanding can be reached.  I recently worked with someone who had the fetish of being used as a human toilet.  This was not my first encounter with this fetish and I knew how to work through it with this submissive man.

If you are going to engage in this kind of play you definitely have to have communication first.  Talk about what kind of experience is desired.  The one making the request should be as detailed as possible so their partner can create the desired result.  Does the bottom/receiver enjoy the feeling of the weight of a body on them – their face, head and torso?  Does the bottom simply enjoy the sensation or also the humiliating aspects?  For my client yesterday he explained how he enjoyed being humiliated and objectified for a dominant female’s bathroom needs, to be used as a toilet and spittoon.  He described how being made to feel small, perverted and depraved actually satisfied something inside him.  He shared about an incident in junior high where a girl bully pushed him down and farted in his face and ever since then he’s had a fascination with it.  The only people willing to play this way seem to be professional dominatrix.  In all other aspects of his life he’s “normal” and “average”.

As a top/Dom there can be a lot of pleasure to be had from this kind of play.  Of course, someone being below you, accepting everything that comes from you with enthusiasm, that is a great feeling.  Knowing that you are helping someone to scratch their itch is important.  You are being of service to them.

For play that is very disgusting to you but that you still want to try, start out slow.  Golden showers can be very difficult to give but might be easier to start with than direct toilet play.  Seeing the excitement on the bottoms face and having their face so close to your genitals can be very arousing.  If you become aroused then urinating can be next to impossible.  It’s also difficult to overcome a lifetime of training that you only pee in one place and that it’s yucky to do it anywhere else.  Keep remembering it’s not yucky for your bottom, it’s erotic.  You may need to practice before you are able to relax enough to “let loose”.  Often being in the shower and running warm shower water can help the body relax enough to release.  Also, drinking LOTS of water for the 30-45 minutes before playtime is very helpful.  Then, if you are trying to pee and nothing is coming out all you have to do is “bear down” and push and your full bladder will empty.  Having a lot of water in your system is not only healthy for the giver but will also make the play more enjoyable because your urine will smell better.

For toilet training a direct seal of mouth to urethra is great.  Positioning will depend on the desired sensations.  For my client yesterday, he not only enjoyed being used, but also the sensation of the body weight on him.  Fold up towels for the bottom to use as a pillow and to catch any urine they might miss.  This is an extremely intimate act.  It is one thing to be sitting on someone’s face with them licking and pleasuring you.  It is another to be sitting on someone, their mouth sealed to you, you totally relaxing into the moment, them waiting to receive.  As fluid flows from your body to theirs you feel the movement of their body accepting and taking in what you give.  Sucking, swallowing.  Those small muscle movements provide a special kind of stimulation against the vulva and if you are leaning forward with your stomach against their throat you can feel it as those small muscles push down the liquid.

What’s really great is if you can become aroused (as I do in this situation) you can lean back and masturbate right in their face.  The consistency of your fluids will change as the flow of urine stops and ejaculate starts.  The bottom can taste the difference.  If they like the objectification talk about how you like to masturbate on the toilet.  And cum in the toilet.  And now they are not just the object for your urination but also for your pleasure.  As a top, take your pleasure.  Enjoy the feeling of someone being below you and taking everything you have to give.  Lean into being of service to them and giving them what they need.

Thoughts?  Questions?  Please post in the comments section below.

5 Tips And Tricks For Hotter Make Out Sessions

cowgirl hotter make out session5 Tips And Tricks For Hotter Make Out Sessions

  1. Try a different location.  So many of us get stuck in the habit of doing the same things in the same places.  For this session telly and I made out on the couch (instead of the bed) and that changed the dynamic a lot!
  2. Take turns.  Rather than being all over each at the same time, on partner can take the lead at pleasuring the other.
  3. Talk dirty.  If you’re having a hard time verbalizing during intimacy just keep it simple.  Describe what you’re feeling, what you’re experiencing.  This can also help you to get more turned on because as you’re focusing on your own sensations they will become more pronounced and intense.
  4. Play with the video camera.  Even if you never intend to watch it or share it just bringing it into your experience will be adding a new factor to your experience.  Also, for those who enjoy porn, watching your own action through the view finder can help if you’re having a problem getting aroused without porn.
  5. Play with power exchange.  Talk about it first to know each others boundaries and desires.  Then, while making out, the top or Dom can instruct the bottom or sub to do things to one or both partners.  The sub has to obey (within the boundaries of course and using a safe word).

Do you have any tips or tricks for hotter make out sessions that you’d like to add?  Please share in the comment box at the end of this post.

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Ds Power Exchange And Dirty Talk

The sexually submissive person likes the idea of being surrendered or submitting to another person and being used for sexual gratification – nothing arouses them more! Most of this power exchange (if not all) is in the mind. Outwardly, little or no activity is happening but a lot is going on mentally. By talking about the situation both the Dominant and the submissive get into the headspace of their preference. The verbal communication creates the space for the fantasy to manifest. The internal experience is brought more sharply into reality through hearing it said out loud.

Fetish Is To Be Forced

CFNM stands for Clothed Female Nude Male. This is specific type of fetish porn having to do with female domination. The clothed dominant female plays with a nude submissive male. She may force him to masturbate. Forcing him to do anything is extremely erotic – he is aroused by being out of control and not knowing what is going to happen next. Kid Dynamite explains how he got into the porn industry. Now he makes videos about brutal foot domination and forced foot fantasies on sale at