5 Tips And Tricks For Hotter Make Out Sessions

cowgirl hotter make out session5 Tips And Tricks For Hotter Make Out Sessions

  1. Try a different location.  So many of us get stuck in the habit of doing the same things in the same places.  For this session telly and I made out on the couch (instead of the bed) and that changed the dynamic a lot!
  2. Take turns.  Rather than being all over each at the same time, on partner can take the lead at pleasuring the other.
  3. Talk dirty.  If you’re having a hard time verbalizing during intimacy just keep it simple.  Describe what you’re feeling, what you’re experiencing.  This can also help you to get more turned on because as you’re focusing on your own sensations they will become more pronounced and intense.
  4. Play with the video camera.  Even if you never intend to watch it or share it just bringing it into your experience will be adding a new factor to your experience.  Also, for those who enjoy porn, watching your own action through the view finder can help if you’re having a problem getting aroused without porn.
  5. Play with power exchange.  Talk about it first to know each others boundaries and desires.  Then, while making out, the top or Dom can instruct the bottom or sub to do things to one or both partners.  The sub has to obey (within the boundaries of course and using a safe word).

Do you have any tips or tricks for hotter make out sessions that you’d like to add?  Please share in the comment box at the end of this post.



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