5 Tips For Shaving The Vagina

May’s topic is spring cleaning.  First we’ll be talking about shaving the vagina.  Check my website for a graphic how- to video.  Here are some PG rated tips for you to follow.

  1. First, you want to start out clean.  Wash the area thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Then trim the hair down with scissors or electric clippers just to get it shorter.
  3. Use a hot towel or hot wash cloth on area (if it’s been a couple hours since the shower) for a few minutes to relax the follicles.  Make sure everything is warm and moist.
  4. Take some shaving gel or shaving cream and spread it over the area so that it lifts the hair.
  5. Use a fresh razor first going with the hair growth and then going against the hair growth.

Be really careful not nick anywhere inside the labia or any other tender sensitive parts.

Whether you prefer hairy or bare genitals, shaving is one way to take your spring cleaning to the next level.   Some ideas to make it fun are to go to a spa for it, have your lover do it, or find a platonic friend who will help you out.  I know my model and I had a ton of fun when we made the how-to video!  I personally like trimmed hair on my partner – not so long it gets stuck in your teeth but long enough so you know you are with a mature person.  Yes, I have had a hair get in my teeth and one time I even had a hair get caught on my tongue ring!  I personally wax because people believe it’s cleaner and sometimes I have to help my clients with skills and techniques that involve showing my vagina.  I’ve tried to shave and no matter how careful I am with the process I always get in-grown hairs and that is the worst!  Also, the shaving does not last as long as the waxing.  The waxing does hurt but it’s worth the result and only has to be done every four to six weeks.  Good Luck with your spring cleaning this season!

Make it a sexy day!