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Anal Update

The “Art Of Anal Pleasure” class was AMAZING.  We had a full house and 2 amazing demonstration models.  One was a gentleman who was a very experienced anal player who got to have his limits stretched by having an audience view his play.  The second was a beautiful mature woman who on the outside seemed so sweet and innocent but once she got naked and I had my strap-on in place she was voracious!  I was able to demonstrate all the anal positions I know with her.  Everyone learned something new and a good time was had by all.  I look forward to Anal August:)

Bali Trip

sex coach nikki gets a happy ending massage in Bali

All male therapists at this spa:)

I went to Bali for the end of April to attend a women’s retreat.  It was transformational.  Without the hustle and bustle of everyday life I was able to feel into some deep desires.  Several came up.  Here are some:

  • to work with more people as a sex coach over the phone and over skype
  • to work with more women in a healing capacity – helping with painful sex and numbness
  • to partner up with other professionals so I can have company when I’m working
  • to have more fun in my business

I’m so happy to be back home.  I love love love so many things here in Vegas – my family, my business…  I definitely missed it all.

Did you know that there are not any sex toy stores in Bali, Indonesia?  I did not until I was looking for one.  I was going to indulge in buying a new sex toy – part of the the point of the retreat was self care so I wanted to make sure to take care of myself sexually as well – and no one could help me.  I finally found out that it wasn’t legal in Bally.

So when we had a free day I sought out a happy ending massage:)  Actually, I’d already gotten a few massages (they are only $15 an hour there) but none of the girls would go there with me.  I was finally able to get some relief when I went to an all male therapist place.  I had this 25 year old island boy and he was very good at taking direction:)  I felt MUCH better after that.

Happy Masturbation Month!!!

sex coach Nikki, masturbation month, masturbation coachYup, May is masturbation month.  It’s something I love personally and professionally.  Professionally it’s one of the most important tools I use in my sex coaching.  There are many things you can incorporate into masturbation that will have a therapeutic benefit to either overcome sexual dysfunction or expand a person’s experience of pleasure.  I’m truly enjoying the work I do with people that includes masturbation coaching.  It creates a deep connection very quickly and that helps us move through issues powerfully and completely.

I put up a couple if informational videos on my youtube channel for masturbation month.  What do you think?  Click here to visit my channel

How are you?  How may I be of service to you this summer?

Please take a moment to drop a note with an update about you and yours.  Ask me any questions you might have.  Let me know if something I’ve shared has helped you out.

Naked Travel With Nikki

Yes, I said naked!  Does that mean you’ll be getting to see me nude?
Not necessarily…

naked travel logo

I’m going to be sharing the naked truth about sex and sexuality as I
travel and speak all over the country:)

Get Naked With Me!

9/1 Between The Sheets Live Broadcast At The Erotic Heritage Museum –

8-9pm PST  Come say hi as I broadcast live from the Erotic Heritage Museum.
If you are out of town you can listen live at

I’ll be there supporting

9/10-9/14 New York Trip

I’m going to work with a couple of East Coast clients.
I will have time to meet with new clients as well.
Email me for more info.

I am also looking for opportunities to connect so if you have a group or club
that you would like me to speak to about my Salacious Solution for Frustrated Lovers
respond to this email.

9/13-9/23 Speaking at the Rockstar Marketing Bootcamp in LA:)

I am totally excited to be presenting my book
Mild To Wild: Fun And Easy Ways To Heighten Your Intimacy
on the same stage as world famous inspirational speakers
like Les Brown, Glenn Morshower and others!

If you are an entrepreneur click the link above and check the event out.
It’s been an extremely valuable resource to me as a serial entrepreneur
and I would love to meet you there!

I will also be available on a very limited basis for one-on-one appointments
when I am not tied up with the conference.  Email me for more info.

Make It A Sexy Day!