August is Anal Sex Month With Sex Coach Nikki!

It’s Anal August once again and I have some fun stuff to share.


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Learn To Give A Safe And Sensual Erotic Massage at The Art Of Anal Pleasure Interactive Demo & Lecture

Friday, August 19, 2016


Will be held at a Private Residence Near South Eastern and the 215, Las Vegas, NV

Address will be emailed upon registration on

If you are always looking for ways to be a better lover then this class is for you.  Sex Coach Nikki will be teaching an interactive class as well as performing a complete live demonstration.  This will be followed by optional guided practice.

Click here to register.

The number one concern for most people interested in anal pleasure is how to keep it healthy and safe.  Included with this class is a series of emails and videos where I will teach you step by step how to keep things clean, and how to prepare for giving or receiving anal stimulation.  I will also be available to talk about any questions or concerns that come up.

Anal pleasure done right is definitely an art.  I look forward to performing for you and teaching you the beauty that is possible.

Have questions answered regarding:
•How to locate the prostate
•How to massage the anal sphincters for relaxation and pleasure
•How to use a strap on
•How to make sure to keep everything healthy and safe
•Much, much more…

You will leave knowing

•how to talk about anal stimulation with your partner
•how to stay healthy and safe
•how to create a safe space for any emotions that come up to be expressed
•how to deeply relax the body so it can open up and receive
•the anatomy of the anal area
•effective communication strategies for intimacy
•specific ways to tease and please the anus in particular and the entire human body in general


7:00 – Doors open
7:15 – Class begins. Doors are locked. No late arrivals allowed.
8:30 – Break
8:45 – Optional Guided Practice Begins
9:45 – Close Class

A note about the optional guided practice – I am implementing a policy that a telephone conversation is to be had if at all possible with every class attendee to discuss the upcoming class so I can tailor the experience to the people who will be present.  If I cannot speak with you in advance I will not be able to include you in the guided practice portion of the event.

Some things to know:

•The practice session will be clothing optional.
•This is not an orgy or party atmosphere.
•This is a safe space that will allow participants to become completely aware of their body and their erotic energy.
•You must participate in the practice to stay in the room.

—Included in your registration for this class is the Group Sex Class And Optional Play Time that directly follows.  Click here to see more.

Early Bird Registration Until 8/16/2016

$20 for singles
$30 for couples and poly pods

Regular Price

$35 for singles
$45 for couples and poly pods

This will be an alcohol free event.

No money will be accepted at the door.  Click here to register.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

For questions feel free to contact Nikki at 702.674.6606

Spring Cleaning With A Twist

With April comes spring cleaning and I like to do it with a twist! For all lovers of anal stimulation I recommend experimenting with enemas – either before intimate sessions or during for added sensation and another prop for role-play and power-exchange. We’ll be talking a bit about douching and vaginal cleanliness along with penal cleanliness. This is also a great time of year to review safer sex methods to keep yourself and those you love clean and free of sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

Ingrown Pubic Hairs And Pimples

The thing that sucks the worst about ingrown pubic hairs and pimples is that they mess with your self-confidence.  Second, they can be extremely painful.  What to do?

Sometimes we cause these issues ourselves through

  • shaving
  • waxing
  • wearing tight clothing (causes heat build up and friction)
  • having too much activity in the pubic area

And sometimes they are there for no reason at all.

Here are some things I’ve found to treat and prevent these painful and embarrassing issues.

    • Get help.  It’s difficult to work on your own pubic area.  If your spouse won’t do it go to see an esthetician for initial popping and squeezing.
    • Exfoliate the area thoroughly.  My favorite thing to use is scrubby gloves.
    • If you are popping pimples or pulling ingrown hairs my esthetician recommends using small disposable lancets (like what diabetics use to prick their skin to test their blood sugar) to pierce the skin.  Using the smallest gauge (the larger the number the smaller the needle) possible will make the smallest impact on your skin with the least chance of scarring.
    • Use good quality tweezers to squeeze the skin to force puss out.  It’s a good idea to use blunt tweezers.  Make sure to sterilize them and the area before and after each attempt.  Stop if you experience too much pain or see blood… you could cause scarring that way.
    • Wear cotton undies.
    • Use Tea Tree Oil.  It’s a natural astringent/antiseptic and has been very effective for me.
    • Drink more water.  Want to know how much water you should drink everyday?  Divide your total body weight by 2.  The resulting number is the number of ounces you should be drinking every day.  Ex= 250lbs/2=125 ounces of water a day.

Angiokeratoma of the scrotum and vulva

Fordyce Spots

Does this look familiar?

If so, don’t worry.  They are called Fordyce Spots or Angiokeratoma of the scrotum and vulva and are of cosmetic concern only.  If they get big enough you can treat them like pimples but it is not necessary.

Click on the pic to learn more.


7 Things You Must Know About Anal And Sex Toy Cleanliness

There are some very specific things you can do to be clean and safe with anal play and using sex toys.

First, the anus:

  1. Always use lots of soap and warm water especially in the anal area.
  2. Using soap and your finger clean just inside the anus around the rim.
  3. Disinfectant wipes are a quick way to clean in a hurry.
  4. Perform an enema to take your cleanliness to the next level.
  5. Use a barrier (a glove for finger play, a dental dam, condom cut open or glove cut open for oral play a.k.a. analingus) to prevent bacteria transfer.

Second, sex toys:

  1. For sex toys use a toy cleaner for best results. You can also use rubbing alcohol.
  2. For fastest clean up and to ensure you are not coming in contact with any old germs, use a condom over your toy.

Having sex – and anal sex in particular – can get very messy. That is part of the fun for most people! The naughty factor and the possibility of making a mess can create excitement. Some people do even like to play with excrement – it is called scat play or brown showers. For me that is a hard boundary (something I won’t do no matter what) since nothing about poo is sexy to me. What is sexy is the intense sensations I can give and receive by stimulating the anus just right.

I’ve addressed cleanliness in this article because that is often the first concern a person has who is considering exploring anal pleasure. We think of the scene from Zack and Miri Make a Porno where the porn actress is getting penetrated anally and loses control of her bowels. That is hype and was made up to be funny. While anal penetration can be messy I’ve never experienced or heard of anything near that happen in real life.

Whenever you are stimulating the anal area in addition to cleanliness always keep in mind how sensitive it is. Be very gentle until more is requested. Once the anus muscled have relaxed, more vigorous stimulation can be applied as long as there is sufficient lubricant. If you enjoy anal play and want to continuously increase the level of pleasure you can take consider using a butt plug. By using a butt plug for short periods on a regular basis you will be more able to enjoy anal play.

Many men ask me if their interest in anal play means they’re homosexual or bisexual. The answer is NO! There are several reasons anal play is pleasurable.

  • Pressure in that area is naturally pleasurable… it’s important that we enjoy having bowel movements, right?
  • The prostate can receive direct stimulation which can be much more intense.
  • Some men like to be submissive and just receive the pleasure/abuse. In a long term relationship this can be a positive part of role play or power exchange.

Whether you are male or female, follow these suggestions and your anal experience will be a pleasurable one.

Click Here to do some online shopping for toy cleaner, lube and toys;)

5 Tips For Shaving The Vagina

May’s topic is spring cleaning.  First we’ll be talking about shaving the vagina.  Check my website for a graphic how- to video.  Here are some PG rated tips for you to follow.

  1. First, you want to start out clean.  Wash the area thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Then trim the hair down with scissors or electric clippers just to get it shorter.
  3. Use a hot towel or hot wash cloth on area (if it’s been a couple hours since the shower) for a few minutes to relax the follicles.  Make sure everything is warm and moist.
  4. Take some shaving gel or shaving cream and spread it over the area so that it lifts the hair.
  5. Use a fresh razor first going with the hair growth and then going against the hair growth.

Be really careful not nick anywhere inside the labia or any other tender sensitive parts.

Whether you prefer hairy or bare genitals, shaving is one way to take your spring cleaning to the next level.   Some ideas to make it fun are to go to a spa for it, have your lover do it, or find a platonic friend who will help you out.  I know my model and I had a ton of fun when we made the how-to video!  I personally like trimmed hair on my partner – not so long it gets stuck in your teeth but long enough so you know you are with a mature person.  Yes, I have had a hair get in my teeth and one time I even had a hair get caught on my tongue ring!  I personally wax because people believe it’s cleaner and sometimes I have to help my clients with skills and techniques that involve showing my vagina.  I’ve tried to shave and no matter how careful I am with the process I always get in-grown hairs and that is the worst!  Also, the shaving does not last as long as the waxing.  The waxing does hurt but it’s worth the result and only has to be done every four to six weeks.  Good Luck with your spring cleaning this season!

Make it a sexy day!