August is Anal Sex Month With Sex Coach Nikki!

It’s Anal August once again and I have some fun stuff to share. Online I have an excellent full color pdf on the Art of Anal Pleasure that you can sign up for at right here ===> You will also get a series of emails directly to your inbox with… Continue reading

Ingrown Pubic Hairs And Pimples

The thing that sucks the worst about ingrown pubic hairs and pimples is that they mess with your self-confidence.  Second, they can be extremely painful.  What to do? Sometimes we cause these issues ourselves through shaving waxing wearing tight clothing (causes heat build up and friction) having too much activity… Continue reading

7 Things You Must Know About Anal And Sex Toy Cleanliness

There are some very specific things you can do to be clean and safe with anal play and using sex toys. First, the anus: Always use lots of soap and warm water especially in the anal area. Using soap and your finger clean just inside the anus around the rim…. Continue reading

5 Tips For Shaving The Vagina

May’s topic is spring cleaning.  First we’ll be talking about shaving the vagina.  Check my website for a graphic how- to video.  Here are some PG rated tips for you to follow. First, you want to start out clean.  Wash the area thoroughly with soap and water. Then trim the… Continue reading