Bondage And Sensation Play Session Recap From Sex Coach Nikki

Sex Coach Nikki

Adding sensation play to love making sessions can increase the intensity of your time together. Bondage and blindfolding will increase a partner’s vulnerability and help them to be focused on the sensations in their body. Make sure to keep it fun and interesting using a variety of objects and types… Continue reading

Golden Showers And Human Toilet Training

water sports

Disgusting fetishes can be difficult to wrap your mind around at first but with time and communication a certain understanding can be reached.  I recently worked with someone who had the fetish of being used as a human toilet.  This was not my first encounter with this fetish and I… Continue reading

5 Tips And Tricks For Hotter Make Out Sessions

5 Tips And Tricks For Hotter Make Out Sessions Try a different location.  So many of us get stuck in the habit of doing the same things in the same places.  For this session telly and I made out on the couch (instead of the bed) and that changed the… Continue reading

Ds Power Exchange And Dirty Talk

The sexually submissive person likes the idea of being surrendered or submitting to another person and being used for sexual gratification – nothing arouses them more! Most of this power exchange (if not all) is in the mind. Outwardly, little or no activity is happening but a lot is going… Continue reading

Fetish Is To Be Forced

CFNM stands for Clothed Female Nude Male. This is specific type of fetish porn having to do with female domination. The clothed dominant female plays with a nude submissive male. She may force him to masturbate. Forcing him to do anything is extremely erotic – he is aroused by being… Continue reading