Delayed Ejaculation

Email to more information on sex coaching and masturbation coaching. Delayed ejaculation is also known as retarded ejaculation or impaired ejaculation. This is whenever is it taking you longer than you would like to ejaculate and you are frustrated. You may also be getting tired or sore from sex… Continue reading

Coming Out As Polyamorous

My husband and I began living a polyamorous lifestyle in spring of 2013. We are consensually non-monogamous. We both date casually as well as carrying on serious romantic commitments with others. We agree to always let each other know where we are, to make sure our daughter is taken care… Continue reading

My Climax

I started masturbating very young, realizing that it felt good to put pressure and friction “down there”. There was a time when I started to notice climax. And then I started experimenting with penetration. As I became sexually active I continued to masturbate.  I only noticed climax during masturbation.  I… Continue reading

Improve Your Sex Life part 1

sex pen n paper improve your sex life

Give Your Sex Life A Fresh Start The first step to improve your sex life is to acknowledge what has already happened.  This is the hard work that many of us try to avoid. Taking stock of the current state of affairs and the past can be very helpful.  It… Continue reading

A Fresh Start For Your Sex Life In 3 Steps

It’s December and I love it when a new month starts! I know we can start fresh anytime – and, for some reason turning to a new calendar month helps a little more. It’s like I mentally and emotionally loosen my energetic grip a bit. Why would you want to… Continue reading

Gratitude For Your Sex

root chakra

Do You Have Gratitude For Your Sex? The World English Dictionary defines gratitude as “a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation, as for a gift or favors”. Yes, gratitude is a feeling, but in my understanding it is so much more.  Gratitude can be an action and an attitude as well. … Continue reading

Naked Travel With Nikki

Yes, I said naked!  Does that mean you’ll be getting to see me nude? Not necessarily… I’m going to be sharing the naked truth about sex and sexuality as I travel and speak all over the country:) Get Naked With Me! 9/1 Between The Sheets Live Broadcast At The Erotic… Continue reading

Ingrown Pubic Hairs And Pimples

The thing that sucks the worst about ingrown pubic hairs and pimples is that they mess with your self-confidence.  Second, they can be extremely painful.  What to do? Sometimes we cause these issues ourselves through shaving waxing wearing tight clothing (causes heat build up and friction) having too much activity… Continue reading

Travel | Sex | Intimacy

Summer is in full swing (June 20th or 21st is the official first day of summer depending on the website you look at) and for a lot of people that means travel. If you’d like to share your thoughts on travel & sex / intimacy please do and you’ll get… Continue reading