Welcome Adventurous and Curious Sexual People!

My proprietary system is comprised of three main components.  These are Intimate Communication, Fantasy and Manifestation™.  Unlike clubs, websites and other sex coaches, I offer confidential, personalized interaction tailored to your desires and customized programs that guarantee satisfaction.

As a society much focus is put on financial security and good citizenship. Among entrepreneurs the focus is often pointed to personal growth and business growth. There are plenty of churches and other organizations to support spiritual endeavors.

Where do you go when you want to have better sex?

Doctors, psychiatrists, the internet, and therapists. These are important resources and should never be discounted. However; what about those of us who are not necessarily having sexual problems or disfunctions, but rather want to expand and intensify our sexual experience? Those of us who are open minded to trying some more extreme and less pedestrian methods to continue to develop our sexuality?

That is why I became the I believe that your sexuality can continue to develop for your entire life; that just because you reach a certain age or stage in life doesn’t mean you are done growing and changing. I am your resource for support and tools to facilitate that growth. Totally accepting and non-judgemental, I look at sexual beliefs like religious beliefs. I am loving and tolerant of all and expect the same in return. Of course, I am happy to share what I believe and teach you what I’ve learned, but I know your choices and beliefs have nothing to do with me.

There are a variety of ways I work with my clients:

  • Mentoring in person, on the phone or via web chat
  • Hosting group events/classes
  • Product of the month club


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