Lecture/Workshop And Group Self Pleasure Practice Format

Lecture/Workshop And Group Self Pleasure Practice Format

7:30 Doors Open.  Come in, have a bite and get settled in the circle.

8:00 Doors Close.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes early so we can start on time and you can have something to eat and drink and be settled in.

9:00 Break.  Those who do not want to participate in the group practice can leave at this time.

9:20 For those who wish to, we will have a self pleasure meditation circle.

10:00 Close


This portion of the evening is about 1 hour long.  It will include some group discussion, clothed exercises, and I will share info based on the desires of the participants.

Self Pleasure Group Practice

The energy of this event is one of curiosity and opening.  During the discussion and clothed exercise portion I create a safe space for the participants to be intimate and vulnerable.

For those who decide to stay for the group practice there is utmost respect.  We are experiencing shared erotic energy.  It is safe both physically and emotionally and all participants needs are met.  Desires are heard and if applicable they are met as well.


If you are interested in:

~an expanded experience of pleasure
~experiencing a deeper more fulfilling orgasm
~overcoming premature ejaculation
~overcoming retarded ejaculation/orgasm (inability to climax during intercourse)
~overcoming vaginismus (female pain during intercourse)
~achieving female ejaculation
~becoming multi-orgasmic

Then this is the event for you!

We’ll be discussing all of the above in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.  Then we will have a short break for refreshments.


This optional and if you attend the lecture you are in no way obligated to staying for the practice.

Please bring your own towel, wash cloth, lube and whatever else you like to have for your self pleasure sessions.

We will sit nude on the floor in a circle.  I will set the timer for 30 minutes with a 10 minute and a 5 minute warning.  During that 30 minutes it is our time to go deep into ourselves and our personal experience of self pleasure as a group.

*There is no need for any performance.
*Seeing and being seen is good and healthy.
*No discussion is necessary.
*Energetic interaction is fine as we only touch ourselves and pleasure ourselves.

Afterward we will share and review our experiences as a group.

Then we will pack up and go home:)

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