TurnOn Sin City

What is a TurnON Event?

How often do we get an opportunity to be real with each other? Imagine meeting new people in an environment where people felt comfortable to be themselves. That’s what we’ve created! It’s a refreshing change from the typical networking or sports bar conversation.

We play three communication games that will challenge you to consider questions like ‘What are your relationships like?’ ‘What does Orgasm mean to you?’ and ‘What’s one secret desire you have?’ Questions like these encourage vulnerability. And, what happens when you get vulnerable? It creates intimacy… which is what we’re all searching for! It’s amazing how connected we can end up feeling – even in a room full of strangers – when we are willing to say what’s real.

Come meet people who practice and teach Orgasmic Meditation (OM for short). The games we play at TurnON are designed to create the visceral sensation of OM, without having to actually do the practice (or remove any clothing!) – sort of like having the feeling of an incredible dessert without having consumed any of the calories.

You can play and participate at whatever level feels comfortable to you! It’s a friendly invitation to play and push your edges in a way that feels good. This allows you to stretch yourself and inspires self-discovery!

Cost to attend $10

To find out when and where the next TurnOn Sin City event is email me at Nikki@NikkiLundberg.com  or visit our group http://www.meetup.com/TurnOn-Sin-City/

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