Vulva+ Massage

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A vulva is the external portion of the female genitals.  It is the part we see.  There are many ways to massage and touch the vulva (and vagina) that I will be covering and demonstrating in this class.

This will be great for vulva owners and vulva lovers.  Learn how to increase both relaxation and stimulation to allow for an expanded experience of pleasure.  Also have any questions answered around common dysfunctions such as pain during sex, inability to climax, female ejaculation and more.

Refreshments will be provided (coffee, water and fruit).

Once you register the address of the event will be emailed to you automatically.

Each class is only $20 and includes

  • a color copy of the guide
  • a downloadable copy of the video
  • personalized attention for your vulva massage experience.

Thursday June 12 10am
sex coach Nikki vulva massage class



Thursday June 19 7pm
sex coach Nikki vulva massage class

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Virtual And Private Sessions

Other options for learning and practicing vulv+massage with me:

  • Hands on practice with your partner.  I can guide you either in person or via skype.  I explain all the different types of touch, how to communicate and we review how to integrate the practice into your own life.
  • In person sexological bodywork session – I perform toaist erotic massage to guide your erotic experience of your vulva.

If you are interested in either of these options send an email to me at

Click here to learn more about sexological bodywork

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