Ladies Only ~ Juicy July ~ Energy Play and Pleasure Mapping Experience


June 8


07:59 pm - 07:59 pm

Celebrate yourself and your feminine pleasure!

To be clear, this class is for vulva owners, no matter what your gender identity is. We will be working with energy, both masculine and feminine, and the physiology of the vaginal area.

This will be an evening filled with sensation and learning. It is for those who are curious, open-minded, and adventurous. We will have a group experience where I combine physiology, eroticism, and connection in ways that will support you in not only learning something new but also having a new experience. I explain and demonstrate every step of the way. Even if you are an “experienced player”, you will most likely learn or experience something new to you. During this evening, the atmosphere will be romantic, there will be candles and roses involved, and you will experience an array of sensations from subtle to intense.

Attendance is limited to 10 participants

It’s all about connecting with ourselves, our energy, and our body!

We will explore ourselves from the outside in, starting with our energetic fields.

There will be exercises to help you to tap into the subtle sensations of the world around and within you.

On the physical level – you will learn and practice new ways of touching and teasing yourself as well as how to practice pleasure mapping.

ALL of you is welcome – from your over-extended, doing too much, not having enough fun part of yourself – to your inner sxx kitten, erotic goddess, and sacred wh-re.

The class will be tailored to those who are participating. Each attendee can choose their level of participation and engagement.  Potential topics will range from tame to extreme

  • meditation
  • releasing shame
  • ways to quiet your mind and be present for pleasure
  • self-massage
  • fantasies
  • toys
  • kinks and fetishes
  • lifestyle discussions (non-monogamy)

And you will get the handout for the squirting orgasm class! It covers:

  • The anatomy of female pleasure – the stuff they didn’t teach you in sxx-ed.
  • How women can ejaculate, where it comes from, and what it is.
  • Erotic massage techniques to improve female physical arousal and reach female ejaculation.

Everything taught during this class will be heart-centered and body-based.  This means Nikki teaches from a place of love, passion, and compassion. 

You will also learn:

  • What are orgasm and climax?  What are the stereotypical masculine version and the feminine version?
  • How can we get over body image issues?
  • How can we have more pleasure (in masturbation and partner sxx)?

There will be a time during checkout for you to write in your questions and concerns about the event.


6:30 – Doors open. 

7:00 – Event begins. Doors are locked. No late arrivals allowed.

Part One: Introductions and content.

  • Group discussion
  • Cover material – a full-color packet for each attendee is included
  • Time to connect with classmates

Part Two: Experience and Witness

  • Music, movement, and breath – opening up the energetic body
  • Rose Adoration Practice – honor yourself or a friend with exquisite attention and (non-sexual) touch
  • Witness a demonstration of self-massage and pleasure of the vulva/yoni/vagina ending in ejaculation

Part Three: Optional Guided Practice *See below for more info

10:00 – Close Class 



  • attendance for Saturday co-ed class, space permitting. Link coming soon
  • full color packet
  • a pre-event mini coaching session with Nikki
  • a post event mini coaching session with Nikki

Early Bird Registration thru 7/9/2022

$169 and bring a friend for free

Regular Price

$269 and bring a friend for free

Bring more friends

$69 per additional person

No money will be accepted at the door.

For questions feel free to contact Nikki at 702.674.6606

*Optional Guided Practice

My policy is that a telephone conversation is to be had if at all possible with every class attendee to discuss the upcoming class so I can tailor the experience to the people who will be present.  If I cannot speak with you in advance, I will not be able to include you in the guided practice portion of the event.

Some things to know:    

  • The practice session will be more like a workshop than anything else.
  • The practice session will be clothing optional. 
  • This is not an orgy or party atmosphere.  If you desire to play after the class, you are welcome to pursue that on your own.  I may or may not be able to provide space for you to do so. 
  • This is a safe space that will allow participants to release shame and gain confidence. 
  • You must participate in the practice to stay in the room. 

What you will need to bring:

  • your favorite lube
  • a washcloth
  • a hand towel
  • a regular towel
  • yoga mat or another cushion to provide padding on the hardwood floor
  • 3 pillows (1 for your head and 1 for each leg)
  • optional: toys and/or dildos
  • optional: a snack &/or beverage to share during the breaks

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?


Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

Yes as long as you inform Nikki of the change.

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn’t match the person who attends?

Yes as long as you inform Nikki of the change.

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