Naked Gratitude Project

The 4th Annual Naked Gratitude Project

Are You Ready To Join In A Celebration Of Erotic Gratitude?
Is It Time To Get Grounded And Reconnected?
Would You Love A Space Where People Are Real And Vulnerable?

Then this is the Erotic Art Project for you!

grateful bodyI am creating this space to let you open up and get real in a safe way.

Anyone who sees what you send is already “all in” just like you.

Here’s how it works:

I invite you to send in a picture of yourself naked with a gratitude list to share with the group.

  • This picture does not need to be pornographic.
  • It does not need to show your face – in the event you want to remain anonymous I will keep your identity a secret.

With your picture include a gratitude list.  The list does not need to be sexual in nature, however, this will be a place that it’s okay to share intimate, erotic and sensual feelings of gratitude that may not be appropriate to share anywhere else so take advantage of it.

I will post your image(s) and your gratitude list on the password protected page and send you an email containing the password.

The project runs for the month of November.  Send your pics and lists to me at

PS – I will need to verify who you are.  If I don’t already know you I may request a picture of your ID and another of you holding your ID for my records for age verification purposes.