Being Prepared For Adventurous Sex

1.  Exercise your PC muscle regularly (think kegles and/or urine control muscle).

2. ‘If you fail to plan you are planning to fail’ is a saying often applied to business.  Apply that to your date night/play time.

3. Make the decision to believe your partner.  If they say they like something about you accept it completely – this will build trust for more intimacy.

4.  I recommend picking one night a week specifically meant for playing/exploring/trying something new.  There is no excuse not to – when you make it a priority you will make it happen.

5.  Be honest.  It may be painful at first but like good intercourse it feels better and better the more you practice.

6.  Breath deeply.  Practice this often and when you are intimate it will be second nature.  Deep breathing makes for better control and a more full body experience.

7.  Be clean.  Super clean.  As often as possible make sure to be clean and fresh so you will always be ready when the mood strikes.  There are ways to take extra steps if you have issues but most people are good with lots of soap and warm water;)

8.  ‘Focus on the journey and not the destination’.  In intimacy as in life, focusing on the joy of the journey releases the pressure of trying to make something happen and opens you up to actually receiving all the benefits of achieving the goal.