A Personal Update From Sex Coach Nikki

May be an image of 1 personOn April 18th I went to see (another) dr about chronic pain in my right hip.  I found out I had advanced arthritis and no cartilage left in the joint and that I could have hip replacement surgery!  I was super excited and scheduled it as soon as possible which was May 17th.  I’m so grateful I am a powerful manifestor and everything worked out and I had the surgery!

Going through all of that and recovery has been consuming much of my energy and focus.  Luckily, I’ve been able to stay mostly on track with school since that is all online and I’ve had very understanding teachers.

I’ve been missing working on my business and I’m finally feeling ready to start planning things and putting myself out there so YAY here I am😊

So, that’s what had been up with me.  I’ll be planning out some live events in July here in Las Vegas that I’ll share soon.  I’m also putting together some new juicy coaching packages and I’ll be sharing more about those as they come together.

If you are interested in working together (as a single or a couple) let me know and we can talk about it more.


Hope your summer has gotten off to a great start!


Text me at 702-674-6606 if you are interested in private coaching.

P.S.  If you would like to see more frequent updates about my personal and professional life, connect with me on facebook Nikki Lundberg | Facebook

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