For the Ladies, I Know It Can Be So Hard to Pursue Pleasure

💸It is very expensive for us.
💰And we are not sure the price is worth it.
💯It means we have to change, to take care of ourselves, to put ourselves first, will the price be too high?
💖All the healing we need to do – healing our hearts, our minds, and our bodies. The price we pay to heal is expensive.
😥Shame, grief, trauma, negative belief systems, fears… so much running in our system that we need to navigate to be better, to be okay, to experience freedom and joy.
💔Especially if we are sensitive, empathic, and caring. The state of the world can be heartbreaking. How can we come into ourselves and feel good when there is so much pain in the world and in our own selves?
🕑Be here now.
⏳️Be in the present moment.
🧘‍♀️Connect with your body. Relax and release, over and over.
♾️Connect with Source, Inner Being, Universe – whatever is true and eternal for you.
👩‍⚖️Connect and be with yourself right now. Notice without judgment.
🤕Take pleasure in the Now. See where the pain ends. See if there is any nuance to the pain that you might be able to enjoy.
😌Touching the edge of a bruise can feel good in a way…
📈These are some of the ways I work with my mind when up-leveling. It is how I work with my clients when they are experiencing growing pains. It is how I show up as a facilitator, walking the path with a class for a new experience.
On Saturday, 3/19/22, Angela Dahlem and I will be co-facilitating an intimate workshop so you can explore and experience some release using concepts like these.
If these ideas resonate with you, I’d love to have you there. Together, we can see how the price of pleasure is worth it because we are worth it; it is a birthright, and we deserve it.
Please check out this event and let me know what you think
Here is a picture of me taking care of myself, being worth the “cost”