Women Healing Women

unconscious beliefs and fears

Just finished working with Angela Dahlem on our upcoming Women Healing Women Pilot Program.
We went in to some deep revealing work, answering journal prompts that let us see our unconscious beliefs and fears. Making the unconscious conscious – how could we ever let go of these things if we don’t even know we have them?
It’s amazing to see what beliefs and programming are running under the surface, unconsciously influencing our decisions and actions.
I love doing this type of work and we will definitely be weaving it in to our upcoming program.
Las Vegas ladies – does this kind of thing interest and excite you? Do you feel like you are stuck and can’t figure out how to move the energy and uplevel?
If so, please take a look at our program and send me a message. It is going to be juicy and it’s getting juicier by the day as we put into it what really lights us up and turns us on.
Here is the link to the outline of the program
Here is the link to our next event you can attend to see if you like us and get more info on the program in person
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