What desire do you need to surrender to?

Right now I am surrendering to my desire to have a healthy body. The desire to have more energy available to focus on business, school, family, and pleasure. To stop energy leaks.

What does that look like?

❤Getting up early even when I’d rather sleep.
❤Seeing my personal trainer and doing as many of the exercises as I can even though they are uncomfortable.
❤Immersing myself in the cold pool for 20 minutes because I know it will help relieve inflammation and speed workout recovery.
❤Not having cream in my coffee because I’m experimenting with cutting all inflammatory foods out of my diet.

Most of these are not easy or fun, but they ARE highly sensational.

They cause a lot of energy to move.

I’m getting to process all kinds of emotions about not having dairy.

So – what do you desire that you are not surrendered to the process?

Feel free to join one of my groups to answer more discreetly.

Ladies only


Co-ed (all genders)

Send me a PM if you would like to see what it would look like to have someone to co-create your process with and support you.

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