Erotic Gratitude

With all the gratitude posts I see the continual neutering of our lives.
I get it, we need to be appropriate and acceptable. I’m lucky I don’t always have to be.
I’m going to share my erotic gratitude list here.
It will be salacious and lascivious compared to most facebook gratitude posts – although I will still need to censor myself so as not to get flagged and put in fb jail.
Want to share your erotic gratitudes, just not publicly?
You are welcome to join one of my groups – I’d love to hear your erotic gratitude!
Ladies only
Co-ed (all genders)
Feel like you could benefit from some support around finding erotic gratitude? Pm me about booking an exploratory session.
Erotic Gratitudes
❤My ability to feel physical sensation
❤My ability to feel energetic sensation
❤My ability to write – writing about my erotic experiences lets me relive them
❤My body’s ability to open
❤The sensation of stretching
❤The sensation of being full
❤The sensation of friction
❤Anal nerve endings
❤Clitoris built just for pleasure
❤Hands as erotic tools
❤Touch that is soft and light like air flowing over my skin
❤Touch that is firm and grounding that makes me feel more connected to the earth below me
❤Feeling like I can rest my body and receive
❤Touch that flows and swirls and is liquid and cool
❤Hot touch that burns and bites and stings waking up my skin
❤Full fisted hair pulling
❤Being so sensitive that I can feel touch that isn’t in direct contact with my skin
❤Feeling a lover’s body open up and accept me more deeply than ever before
❤The look on a lover’s face when their mind has been expanded in a new way, never to return to the old way
❤Redefining sx to include so much of life
❤Understanding how much pleasure is available
❤The desire to penetrate and fill up
❤The desire to dominate and force and hurt (in the most pleasurable way possible)
❤The desire to be filled
❤The desire to be pursued
❤The desire to be handled
❤Toys of all shapes and varieties to make our bodies feel all kinds of ways
❤Erotic literature
❤Body worship
❤The ability to make someone peak through using my mouth on their feet
❤Being an exhibitionist
❤Being seen in an erotic state
❤Being a witness
❤Being a voyeur
❤Holding space
❤My heart
❤Connecting my heart to my genitals
❤Feeling my genitals and my heart open and expand
❤Lovers who trust me to guide them to new levels of ecstasy
❤White hot desire to have a lover like that for myself
❤Shame that feels heavy and prickly and drives us into the shadows to play
❤Role play
❤Power exchange
❤Play parties and group experiences
❤Oral pleasure
❤The thrill of breath play, choking, etc.
❤My brain and open-mindedness
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