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Las Vegas Sex Coach Couples Sex TherapyWhat is your favorite mindfulness practice?

I just had a great meditation! There are so many practices that have us get into the present moment. The particular practice I just did is called existential kink. You can google it for more info but I’ll share my experience here.

See – there is this thing I think I want. I’ve wanted it for a looooong time. Like 10 years. Sometimes I get it a little bit, but never to the extent that I REALLY desire.

In existential kink, having is evidence of wanting. This goes in complete alignment with what is taught in Law of Attraction. In the practice of existential kink, one “gets off” and feels pleasure in what is happening, even if it’s not what is consciously desired. It is akin to what Abraham means when they talk about celebrating “step one moments”.

So this morning when I’m getting ready to work on the project to get the thing I think I want and I’m feeling frustrated, angry, emotional, etc., I journal about it, and I meditate on the enjoyment of these feelings. Since having is evidence of wanting – there is some part of me – my shadow self – that wants this frustration and anger.

By giving myself time and space to fully feel it and take enjoyment from it, by congratulating that part of myself that is manifesting these things, I get to enjoy the journey and the process. I get to feel the pleasure in the moment, even if it is not what my conscious mind would have chosen.

What do you think? Can you “get off” on your “don’t like” situation? Can you embrace exactly what is going on and find enjoyment in it?

Your orgasm might get better…

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