Inner Being Wisdom – Truths and “Downloads” From Sex Coach Nikki

Someone will be interested in you or not. The best thing you can do is be yourself as much as possible. It doesn’t matter who you are with or what you are doing as long as you are being yourself. Learn to give yourself the attention and adoration you desire…. Continue reading

Self Care and Self Pleasure with Sex Coach Nikki

Do you think it is truly possible to put self-care, including self-pleasure, first? I see it espoused all the time – to prioritize yourself.  Take care of yourself.  I move in circles where they prioritize pleasure above everything else.  Use it as a foundation and a basis for life and… Continue reading

Mindfulness Practice with Sex Coach Nikki

What is your favorite mindfulness practice? I just had a great meditation! There are so many practices that have us get into the present moment. The particular practice I just did is called existential kink. You can google it for more info but I’ll share my experience here. See –… Continue reading