Couples Sex Coach Session For Christmas Part 4 of 5

He desired an orgasm and ejaculation.  He wanted to fulfill his fantasy of being with 2 women.  I lay on one side of him and his girlfriend lay on the other.  The 3 of us cuddled nude on the bed as they kissed and I massaged his body taking time to stimulate his nipples and cock.  He asked his girlfriend to suck his dick and as she did that he relaxed into the pleasure.

After several minutes of this, he pulled her face back up to his for a deep loving kiss.  I put my hand on his cock and slowly but firmly stroked it until he reached a body-shaking orgasm.

Throughout the entire experience, I drew heavily upon my personal experience with Orgasmic Meditation (OM).  The communication style of making requests and the practice of being focused on the most subtle sensations of physical stimulation have been critical in developing my sexual experience this last year.  I talked to them about orgasmic meditation and explained how there is training involved.  I demonstrated on the girlfriend what an OM session would look like.  They were very grateful and said it felt like a good practice for them too.

I suggested the following exercises for them to continue their progress:

  1. They do anal massage at least 3x per week
  2. She go to the website and purchase the dilator set they sell and follow their suggestions on how to use them to slowly and gently stretch her vaginal opening
  3. She incorporate castor oil in her self touch
  4. That he enroll in my 30 Day Self Pleasure Program to help with re-sensitizing his genitals, strengthening his PC muscles and breaking his reliance upon porn for arousal and climax
  5. They find Orgasmic Meditation training either online or in person so they could have that practice to continue their connection with each other and reinforce their ability to be sensate focused

Interested in booking a session for couples sex coaching?

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