March is Cunnilingus Month! Also – Tantra and New Vlogs


I hope all is well for you and yours!  I’m so happy to be back home.  I was in Mexico for two weeks at tantra training.  The first week was Tantric Arts Training for Women Practitioners and I learned about so much including chakras, singing to chakras, five elements massage, and timeline work.  I also learned about vulva, vaginal, and penis massage from a tantric perspective.  It was so amazing!  The second week was Energetic Sex Facilitator Training where I learned about how to teach others on an energetic level.  Feeling orgasmic energy in a more full bodied way, releasing stuck emotions, and feeling more pleasure sustained over a longer period of time than I ever have before.

March is Cunnilingus Month!  Please let me know your biggest most important questions about all things oral on pussy:)

Here is a link to my virtual class on 3/20 –

I will be posting the in-person event soon.  It will be on 3/27




New Vlogs

I was ashamed of my vagina

Chakras and cunnilingus

Gratitude from Mexico – honoring the body, enjoying the journey, sitting at the feet of masters

Live from Mexico – opening up my chakras

Going to Mexico, 1st covid test, ego death, break up break through

Recap Art of Fellatio workshop – body positivity, surrendering to receive pleasure

So much excitement about my fellatio class and my upcoming trip to Mexico!

Polyamory, long distance relationships, and dealing with big emotions

Please let me know if you have any questions about the classes or about private coaching.


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Living With Integrity

alternative life coach, polyamorous life coach, sex positive life coachOne of the major drivers in my life is integrity; Specifically integrity with myself. For me, integrity encompasses self-reflection, self-honesty, and humility. I’m writing about it because I have come to realize I’ve gotten out of integrity with myself. I’ve changed and grown. However, I’m still acting on old decisions and plans. I figured this out because of deep self-reflection and introspection. I’ve had to ask in many different ways questions like “what’s wrong,” “what do I REALLY want,” “what am I ok with,” “how much risk am I willing to take,” etc. I’ve also had to do somatic work, feeling different sensations in my body, asking what they are trying to tell me. I’ve also done some shadow integration work. I can feel I’ve barely scratched the surface with these last two.

Why am I doing all this work? Because of my health and my pleasure (or lack of it) in my body. I started on a journey to get healthy in January of 2018. In October of 2017, I was told by a doctor that I would be looking at getting a hip transplant soon, and there was no other choice besides pain management. I was devastated as I was only 38 at the time.

Since then, I’ve faced other significant life challenges, one being the possibility of going to prison. That gave me a whole additional layer of motivation to get healthy as I could not walk up a flight of stairs, and I feared for my safety if I was going to have to go to prison.

I’ve done so well in the last 20 months (right now its November 2019) – lost 55 lbs, gained mobility and strength, kept my business running, stayed connected with my immediate family and friends. The thing is, now that the worst seems to be behind me, I am still struggling with motivation and inspiration. That has made me turn to assess what I am doing in my life to see if I’m still in alignment with all of it. Some of it yes, some of it, no, and some of it partially. Yes, I’m entirely grateful not to be facing the possibility of going to prison or having to live in a wheelchair. And somehow, that is not enough. I know that I’ve experienced genuine excitement and high energy in my life, and I want it back. That is why I’m sharing this now.

I’m creating something new. I’m not even sure what it will look like, but this is my first swing at it. I’m letting go of what is not bringing me joy at all and working toward only doing what feels truly good.

One of the definitions of integrity is the condition of being unified, unimpaired, or sound in construction. When I operate my life with integrity, I benefit from the feeling of being unified internally. When you make choices that maintain your personal structure, you don’t have to deal with the inner conflict, dissonance, and turmoil that could ultimately tear you apart.

Another definition of integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, i.e., moral uprightness. Figuring out what is correct, righteous, and ethical for you is where self-reflection and introspection come in to play. How are you going to know if what you are doing is right for you if you do not stop and ask yourself? This level of honesty does take lots of courage, as you might find you have changed. You may have made decisions that once were in alignment, but now you have changed, and you have to make a new decision. Getting back into alignment might mean you have to undo things in your life. Undoing and restructuring will affect you for sure and might affect others. Many people (and me for a long time) avoid looking at things to avoid having to make these changes. We are too afraid. Too chicken. And too lazy.

Are you the type of person that when you find a problem you want to fix it? Does living dishonestly suck the life out of you? Then you are a lot like me. Changing will mean work and possibly accepting humility as there is a part of you that identifies with your previous decisions and commitments. That part of you is going to resist change at all costs.   That part of you will not want to die or be re-defined. It’s happy precisely the way it is and will do all kinds of dirty mental and physiological tricks to stay alive. But you are not your ego. You will never know unless you slow down and take a look.

If you feel like you are out of integrity and you have suspicions that you might need to make decisions, but you don’t know where to start or how to navigate the process, let me know if you would like some help. I’ve gone through this process before, and I’ve helped others through the years. Sometimes having a guide, cheerleader, or accountability partner makes all the difference.

Life, Sex, Business And Orgasmic Meditation

Woooh!  What a year! I can’t believe how much time has passed since my lost blog post.  I’ve taken time to focus on other things and now I’m better than ever!  I did not stop working with people around sex and sexuality.  In fact, I held more classes and worked with more clients than ever before.


Sex Coach Nikki Onetaste Certified Coach and Advance Orgasmic Meditation TrainerI got certified as an Orgasmic Meditation Teacher and Orgasmic Life Coach.

Yeah.  It’s kind of a big deal.  I traveled from Las Vegas to New York once a month for 10 months to immerse myself into the content of Orgasmic Meditation.  I experienced things that have left me sensitive in ways I never knew possible.

Now that has ended and I have taken some recovery time to figure out the direction I am going.  And I get to share about it with you here.

In gratitude.

Oral And Anal Fun Part 1 Of 3

I’m sharing the following erotic writing to give you some ideas to explore, topics to discuss and possibly new activities to try.

las vegas masseuse bbbjI came into the room.  We started kissing and pressing our bodies together.  I sank to my knees in front of him, opened his pants and pulled down his underwear.  I wrapped my lips around the head of his dick, swirled my tongue first around his foreskin and then gently inside the foreskin around the glans.  He pulled the foreskin back as I began to move my head up and down taking him deeper inside my mouth with every move.  Eventually the head of his cock was hitting the back of my mouth and sometimes moving beyond that into my throat when I was able to make my forehead touch against his belly.  My gag reflex was triggered over and over making my mouth and throat spasm on the head of his dick.  The super slick spit came and all friction disappeared – there was only the sensations of my mouth running up and down his smooth hard shaft.

qrtr body shot 3 cmprssdHe slid his fingers through my hair and with a firm yet gentle grip on two big fistfuls of hair he began to control my head, alternately holding me still while he pumped his dick into my mouth, pulling my face against his body with his cock sunk all the way into my throat, and corkscrewing my head around so his cock would twirl around in my mouth.  As the arousal intensified he got harder and harder.  His breathing was ragged and he moaned his pleasure every few strokes.  Throughout this time I could feel my pussy getting wet and swollen.  As he was about to climax he pulled my mouth away from his cock and held it just out of reach of my mouth, watching as I strained to lick him with my mouth open and my tongue out.


Come back in a day or two for the rest of the story…

Golden Showers And Human Toilet Training

water sportsDisgusting fetishes can be difficult to wrap your mind around at first but with time and communication a certain understanding can be reached.  I recently worked with someone who had the fetish of being used as a human toilet.  This was not my first encounter with this fetish and I knew how to work through it with this submissive man.

If you are going to engage in this kind of play you definitely have to have communication first.  Talk about what kind of experience is desired.  The one making the request should be as detailed as possible so their partner can create the desired result.  Does the bottom/receiver enjoy the feeling of the weight of a body on them – their face, head and torso?  Does the bottom simply enjoy the sensation or also the humiliating aspects?  For my client yesterday he explained how he enjoyed being humiliated and objectified for a dominant female’s bathroom needs, to be used as a toilet and spittoon.  He described how being made to feel small, perverted and depraved actually satisfied something inside him.  He shared about an incident in junior high where a girl bully pushed him down and farted in his face and ever since then he’s had a fascination with it.  The only people willing to play this way seem to be professional dominatrix.  In all other aspects of his life he’s “normal” and “average”.

As a top/Dom there can be a lot of pleasure to be had from this kind of play.  Of course, someone being below you, accepting everything that comes from you with enthusiasm, that is a great feeling.  Knowing that you are helping someone to scratch their itch is important.  You are being of service to them.

For play that is very disgusting to you but that you still want to try, start out slow.  Golden showers can be very difficult to give but might be easier to start with than direct toilet play.  Seeing the excitement on the bottoms face and having their face so close to your genitals can be very arousing.  If you become aroused then urinating can be next to impossible.  It’s also difficult to overcome a lifetime of training that you only pee in one place and that it’s yucky to do it anywhere else.  Keep remembering it’s not yucky for your bottom, it’s erotic.  You may need to practice before you are able to relax enough to “let loose”.  Often being in the shower and running warm shower water can help the body relax enough to release.  Also, drinking LOTS of water for the 30-45 minutes before playtime is very helpful.  Then, if you are trying to pee and nothing is coming out all you have to do is “bear down” and push and your full bladder will empty.  Having a lot of water in your system is not only healthy for the giver but will also make the play more enjoyable because your urine will smell better.

For toilet training a direct seal of mouth to urethra is great.  Positioning will depend on the desired sensations.  For my client yesterday, he not only enjoyed being used, but also the sensation of the body weight on him.  Fold up towels for the bottom to use as a pillow and to catch any urine they might miss.  This is an extremely intimate act.  It is one thing to be sitting on someone’s face with them licking and pleasuring you.  It is another to be sitting on someone, their mouth sealed to you, you totally relaxing into the moment, them waiting to receive.  As fluid flows from your body to theirs you feel the movement of their body accepting and taking in what you give.  Sucking, swallowing.  Those small muscle movements provide a special kind of stimulation against the vulva and if you are leaning forward with your stomach against their throat you can feel it as those small muscles push down the liquid.

What’s really great is if you can become aroused (as I do in this situation) you can lean back and masturbate right in their face.  The consistency of your fluids will change as the flow of urine stops and ejaculate starts.  The bottom can taste the difference.  If they like the objectification talk about how you like to masturbate on the toilet.  And cum in the toilet.  And now they are not just the object for your urination but also for your pleasure.  As a top, take your pleasure.  Enjoy the feeling of someone being below you and taking everything you have to give.  Lean into being of service to them and giving them what they need.

Thoughts?  Questions?  Please post in the comments section below.

Add Oil For Bedroom Fun

If you’re looking for ways to spice things up then this is definitely one of them – add oil!

Here’s a story from The Adventures Of A Las Vegas Masseuse that demonstrates how you can incorporate oil for bedroom fun.  Enjoy!

I set up the massage table and got started with the massage.  He and I talked about business, swinging and new year’s resolutions.  It was nice because we really clicked.

As I finished his first thigh I massaged his groin, pulling my hands from the front side of his groin to his back side in long, slow, firm strokes.  I pressed especially hard on his sit bones while inadvertently grazing his ass crack and asshole.  I saw that he liked it because he spread his legs wider and tilted his pelvis a bit.  With each stroke I got closer and closer to the center of the crack of his ass until my stroke was beginning at the head of his cock, covering his ball sack and running up the crack of his ass to finish just past his tail bone.

Just when his cock was completely rock hard and he was starting to squirm on the table I left the area to work on his calf and foot.  I moved to his other leg and after massaging his glute and thigh I worked my way into his ass crack again to the point of him wiggling a bit.  Stopping, I moved to finish his calf and foot.

I grabbed a hand towel and told him I had to remove a little excess oil.  I wiped off his butt cheeks and the inside of his ass crack.  Climbing on the table behind him in between his legs I put one hand on each cheek and gently spread him open.  After teasing first by blowing cool air and then opening my mouth wide and exhaling warm breath air right onto his asshole, I started kissing the entire area with light little pecks.  Then I began to gently lick the area, softly at first, covering the whole area with saliva.  As I became more aroused I used my tongue more and more firmly and directly on the rosebud of his ass.  Swirling, going up and down and side to side, stopping to suck and bite on his ass cheeks, I let him hear my pleasure with moans.

When I’d had enough I got up and got out the gloves.  I trailed them along his body very slowly to give a feather light strokes.  I spent extra time around the buttocks.  I stuck my tongue into his ass crack again as I pulled each glove on.  Getting my gloved hands oiled up, I massaged the anus all around the opening.  Covering my finger with lube I slowly worked it in.  He didn’t enjoy the deeper probing and massaging so I stayed shallow and used my other hand to massage his cock.

After awhile I had him turn onto his back.  He had gone partially soft as all his attention was on his anus.  Using my mouth I got his dick completely covered with saliva and then slowly started moving my lips up and down his shaft.  As soon as he came to a full erection I stopped and began to massage the front of his leg.  When I was finished with the first leg he had gone a little soft again so once again I used my mouth to gently and slowly get him hard.  He talked about how he enjoyed feeling my boobs on his leg.

Once I finished massaging his leg I rubbed oil all over his groin, belly and chest.  Climbing on the massage table and coming up between his legs I got on my hands and knees and hovered above him.   I slowly lowered my breasts against his groin and began to grind my chest in all different directions.  Lowering my torso more, I pressed up, sliding up his belly and chest until I could feel his hard cock pressing into my belly.  I gyrated against him randomly licking and biting his chest and neck.  He told me to stop or he would cum.  I held still and asked him if he would like another position.  He wanted the same booby/body rub but on his back side.

slide for bedroom funHe flipped over to lay on his stomach.  I poured oil all over his back and spread oil all over my boobs and belly.  Starting from where his head lay, I climbed onto the table, sliding my breasts down his back starting at his shoulders.  As my torso lined up completely with his I had one knee planted on each side of his head.  I spread his ass cheeks and licked some more and enjoyed the feeling of his hot breath on my inner thigh.

Continuing my body slide I got to the point where my pussy was on his ass.  I took that opportunity to grind my clit against his tailbone.  Because of all the oil my pussy lips were able to spread completely open and I could feel the texture of his skin against every bit of my vulva and inner labia as I gyrated against him.

I continued the body slide down his legs and turned around.  Putting my face to his ass again I joked about how his ass smelled like pussy and oh my gosh tasted like it too!  Again I slid up his back pressing my boobs into him until my pussy was lined up with his ass and I ground my clit into his tail bone.  I was kissing and nibbling all around his upper back, shoulders, neck and ears.  His excitement was building as he started moving around beneath me and grinding his ass up into me.

I slid back down him and told him to get on his knees.  Taking his cock in one hand and his balls in the other I licked his ass up and down the crack letting saliva drip down covering his balls and then his cock.  As they became more and more slick I continued to massage him using broader strokes.  I alternated my motions on his cock, pulling it with it pointing toward his chest and then stretching it back as far as it would go against his ass so I could suck on it from behind.  Several times I moved my mouth from place to place – cock, balls, ass, cock, balls, ass – until he told me he was going to cum and I made sure to keep my fist pumping his cock rhythmically while I pressed my face into his ass.  The feeling of gush after gush of hot cum on my palm and running down my wrist as his pelvis jerked and spasmed against my face was extremely satisfying.

Need Pointers On Incorporating Things Like This Into Your Own Bedroom?

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5 Tips And Tricks For Hotter Make Out Sessions

cowgirl hotter make out session5 Tips And Tricks For Hotter Make Out Sessions

  1. Try a different location.  So many of us get stuck in the habit of doing the same things in the same places.  For this session telly and I made out on the couch (instead of the bed) and that changed the dynamic a lot!
  2. Take turns.  Rather than being all over each at the same time, on partner can take the lead at pleasuring the other.
  3. Talk dirty.  If you’re having a hard time verbalizing during intimacy just keep it simple.  Describe what you’re feeling, what you’re experiencing.  This can also help you to get more turned on because as you’re focusing on your own sensations they will become more pronounced and intense.
  4. Play with the video camera.  Even if you never intend to watch it or share it just bringing it into your experience will be adding a new factor to your experience.  Also, for those who enjoy porn, watching your own action through the view finder can help if you’re having a problem getting aroused without porn.
  5. Play with power exchange.  Talk about it first to know each others boundaries and desires.  Then, while making out, the top or Dom can instruct the bottom or sub to do things to one or both partners.  The sub has to obey (within the boundaries of course and using a safe word).

Do you have any tips or tricks for hotter make out sessions that you’d like to add?  Please share in the comment box at the end of this post.

This has been a great week for video editing!  I finished the section where we make out and I have the voice over version giving tips and tricks on the same webpage right below it.

To see the preview you will have to log in to the site.
Subscribed members will be able to see the entire 7min 32sec video.
Non-members can get immediate access for $7.95.
Just go to the post to get all the info.

Need to pay with visa?  Just let me know and I will send you a link to use your visa to get immediate access.



I feel deep down that 2013 is going to be a fantastic year
(as well as a wild ride) and I’m committed to showing up for you 100%.
I have a lot of fun and sexy things planned
and none of them would be possible without you!


One of my truths is that I enjoy making the videos.  It is fun!  And I
like making them both entertaining and educational.  I often get
bogged down in the technical stuff and sometimes even think of
taking the site down because of technical challenges.  I still don’t
know how is going to morph as time goes on.

What I do know is I am going to continue to make videos for you to
enjoy.  I recently shot footage with my girlfriend Telly that was inspired
by the National Finals Rodeo being in town here in Las Vegas.  We got
cowboy boots and everything!  I’m in the process of editing the clips now.

So far the main segments are:

  • Punishment – I’m pretending to be the sheriff who is busting her
    for prostitution.  I do a lot of spanking and even use a whip and
    a crop on her.
  • Arousal – The sheriff gets so excited that she has to have some
    fun herself.  Nipple and pussy sucking ensue.
  • Penetration – I use my strap on dildo a little bit and then use my
    hand to bring her to a squirting orgasm.

Sen me an email at if you are more
interested in one segment than another and I will get that one edited first.

I will produce 2 versions – one with just the sound from the shoot and
possibly back ground music and another with a voice over where I will
explain what techniques and skills I’m demonstrating each step of the way
along with tips for practical application for you to use in your own bedroom.

Happy Holidays

Make It A Sexy Day,

Nikki Lundberg

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Not Feeling Sexy?

I’m feeling pretty sexy today but that’s not always the case.  I hate it when I don’t feel sexy.  It’s like a constant distraction.  I can ignore it most of the time but the one time I can not ignore it is when I’m horny!

Here are some quick tips to raise your sexy vibe:

  1. Hang out with sexy people.  I am a guest on an internet radio show this morning and the ladies that host the show are definitely sexy!  Listen live at 10am PST or get the podcast here. .  Hanging out with sexy people and their high energy enthusiasm for life reminds me of my own that I have inside.
  2. Learning something new.  Every time I go to a class or conference and learn something new I feel smarter and smart is sexy (specifically if the topic is related to sex).  I invite you to enroll in my complimentary class to do some learning and feel more sexy!  Check it out at
  3. Making money.  Being sexy and making money creates a positive feedback loop.  You make money, you feel sexy.  You feel sexy, you attract more money.  I’ll be talking about this in the class a little bit tomorrow so make sure to enroll today!

So what raises your sexy vibe?  Do you have any tips you’d like to share with me or with my community as a whole?

Make It A Sexy Day!

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Ingrown Pubic Hairs And Pimples

The thing that sucks the worst about ingrown pubic hairs and pimples is that they mess with your self-confidence.  Second, they can be extremely painful.  What to do?

Sometimes we cause these issues ourselves through

  • shaving
  • waxing
  • wearing tight clothing (causes heat build up and friction)
  • having too much activity in the pubic area

And sometimes they are there for no reason at all.

Here are some things I’ve found to treat and prevent these painful and embarrassing issues.

    • Get help.  It’s difficult to work on your own pubic area.  If your spouse won’t do it go to see an esthetician for initial popping and squeezing.
    • Exfoliate the area thoroughly.  My favorite thing to use is scrubby gloves.
    • If you are popping pimples or pulling ingrown hairs my esthetician recommends using small disposable lancets (like what diabetics use to prick their skin to test their blood sugar) to pierce the skin.  Using the smallest gauge (the larger the number the smaller the needle) possible will make the smallest impact on your skin with the least chance of scarring.
    • Use good quality tweezers to squeeze the skin to force puss out.  It’s a good idea to use blunt tweezers.  Make sure to sterilize them and the area before and after each attempt.  Stop if you experience too much pain or see blood… you could cause scarring that way.
    • Wear cotton undies.
    • Use Tea Tree Oil.  It’s a natural astringent/antiseptic and has been very effective for me.
    • Drink more water.  Want to know how much water you should drink everyday?  Divide your total body weight by 2.  The resulting number is the number of ounces you should be drinking every day.  Ex= 250lbs/2=125 ounces of water a day.

Angiokeratoma of the scrotum and vulva

Fordyce Spots

Does this look familiar?

If so, don’t worry.  They are called Fordyce Spots or Angiokeratoma of the scrotum and vulva and are of cosmetic concern only.  If they get big enough you can treat them like pimples but it is not necessary.

Click on the pic to learn more.