Couples Sex Coach Session For Christmas Part 5 of 5

We all got cleaned up and dressed and sat in a circle to review the experience.  She was very happy with everything and felt a new hope that she would be able to enjoy penetrative sex.  She finally felt like she wasn’t “broken”.   He felt grateful for the experience… Continue reading

25 Year Old Virgin Couple Due To Vaginal Pain ~ Couples Sex Coach Session For Christmas Part 1 of 5

There are many sexually conservative cultures throughout the world.  I work with you to observe your comfort levels and provide the most informative pleasurable experience possible.     Happy New Year! I am super excited for 2014 because every year has gotten better and better for me and 2013 was… Continue reading

Couples Sex Coaching For Pleasure Session Part 1 of 3

couples sex coaching

How do you (and your partner) know if you’re ready for couples sex coaching? If you’ve had fantasies and curiosities for a long time and haven’t been able to move forward. If you want to add a little zing to your sex life – to spice things up. If otherwise,… Continue reading