Make Her Think You’re An Astronaut!

Make Her Think You’re An Astronaut!

7 do’s and please don’ts of Oral Sex that will make her see stars…

Today we’re going to be talking about cunnilingus: What it is and how to perform well. To put it simply, cunnilingus is the technical term for performing oral sex on a woman. Similar to fellatio, it can be used as foreplay or as the main event of your sexual adventures!

  1. Do talk to your girl! Let her know that you want to do this for her. Many women are insecure about receiving oral sex for a variety of reasons. Women are often more self-conscious than men about things.  For example, what it smells or tastes like down there. Ladies, believe your man when he says he wants to do this for you. He wouldn’t say it if he didn’t mean it! Consider this a gift-you wouldn’t turn down jewelry or a new car, so don’t turn him down on an even better gift!
  2. Please don’t dive right in! Start slow and easy, kiss and gently caress your way down her body, run your fingers lightly on the insides of her thighs. If she’s ticklish, slow down and be a little firmer. This will tame the ticklish reaction. She needs to be relaxed and receptive to you. I would also suggest making sure that you have recently shaved or your beard is smooth and soft, your rough 5 o’clock shadow may look hot, but when it is scraping against her inner thighs, it won’t feel good at all.
  3. Do be gentle with her clitoris. The temptation for many men when going down on their girl is to head straight for the clit. This is not going to make her see stars, especially if she is not yet aroused. The clitoris is similar to a man’s penis, and has just as many nerve endings (and is therefore just as sensitive) as the head of your penis is. In fact, if she isn’t yet aroused, you might not even see the clitoris when you head south, though you will see the clitoral hood, this is similar to a foreskin and protects the clitoris until she’s ready to “come out of hiding” so to speak.  Many women (and men) find it erotic to even start before she even takes her panties off. You can touch, kiss and lick her through the fabric and it will feel good without too much fear of over-stimulation before she’s ready for it.
  4. Do stimulate the labia and vaginal opening. Lick, kiss and suck on her whole vaginal area, the clit may be the star of the show, but the supporting cast needs loving too! Consider it the equivalent of her licking your balls during a blowjob- feels phenomenal right? It feels just as amazing to her, especially since most women have not had any extensive stimulation to these areas.
  5. Do use plenty of lube. Your saliva is best. Especially at first, before she has produced enough of her own lubrication you want to add some in as needed, and a lot is needed. Use the flat of your tongue to spread the pressure out across her vaginal area, the tip of the tongue will put too much pressure in one small area, particularly when you’re licking her clit. Move in circles around it; flick your tongue up and down, side to side, whatever gets her motor going.
  6. Please don’t be afraid to get your fingers in on the action! Many women enjoy manual stimulation as well as oral stimulation, and you can incorporate this into your cunningulus adventures. Once she is aroused and lubricated well, slip a finger into the vaginal opening as you lick or suck on her clitoris. The g-spot is a major nerve center inside the vagina. You can find it by simply feeling around. The g-spot will have a much rougher texture than the rest of her vagina, similar to that of a damp sponge. Be gentle with this area at first, as it is packed with nerve endings and can be highly sensitive! Start slow. She’ll tell you when she’s ready for more, if not with words, with body language.  Once she is warmed up you can be quite aggressive stimulating the g-spot on most women.
  7. PLEASE DON’T STOP! When she’s close to climaxing, she will let you know. If she can’t verbalize it (good job!) she will be giving you physical cues. You will know. Whatever you are doing at the moment you notice she’s close, keep doing it! Keep the same pressure, penetration, movements; if she wants you to change it, she’ll let you know. This is a good time to theoretically sit back and let her use you as a personal sex toy. If she wants it harder she’ll grind on you, if she wants it softer, she’ll pull back a little. Keep going until she collapses in a heap of satisfied exertion, then you will know you have done your job and made her see stars!

Happy Endings!





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