Not Feeling Sexy?

I’m feeling pretty sexy today but that’s not always the case.  I hate it when I don’t feel sexy.  It’s like a constant distraction.  I can ignore it most of the time but the one time I can not ignore it is when I’m horny!

Here are some quick tips to raise your sexy vibe:

  1. Hang out with sexy people.  I am a guest on an internet radio show this morning and the ladies that host the show are definitely sexy!  Listen live at 10am PST or get the podcast here. .  Hanging out with sexy people and their high energy enthusiasm for life reminds me of my own that I have inside.
  2. Learning something new.  Every time I go to a class or conference and learn something new I feel smarter and smart is sexy (specifically if the topic is related to sex).  I invite you to enroll in my complimentary class to do some learning and feel more sexy!  Check it out at
  3. Making money.  Being sexy and making money creates a positive feedback loop.  You make money, you feel sexy.  You feel sexy, you attract more money.  I’ll be talking about this in the class a little bit tomorrow so make sure to enroll today!

So what raises your sexy vibe?  Do you have any tips you’d like to share with me or with my community as a whole?

Make It A Sexy Day!

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