Men Love It When I Promote Female Pleasure

It’s super interesting how much attention I’ve gotten from men this week as I’ve been promoting a free pleasure mapping event for women. Not bad or wrong – just interesting.

My theory is that this is happening for several reasons, reinforcing how vital my work for women is.

Before I get too deeply into this, I will make one disclaimer – I know I am using stereotypes. Anything I say about one gender or another applies to individuals across the gender spectrum. “Not all men” and “not all women” all day long. _AND_ I believe stereotypes happen for a reason. I am making generalizations here that the majority can relate to. Take what you like and leave the rest.

Why men respond more when I’m marketing to women:

Conditioning – men do not receive the same amount of anti-pleasure and anti-sex conditioning as women. It’s ok for men to pursue gratification. It might not be ok for them to get caught doing it, but they can go for it as long as they are discreet.

Less shame – this is still conditioning, but specifically, women have been taught to feel more shame around pursuing pleasure and satisfaction than men have. Many men will do something that they feel wrong about as long as they can get away with it, while most women will feel bad about themselves if they do something “wrong”.

The act does not carry the same meaning for most men as it does for women. Women have been taught that physical intimacy is necessarily tied to their value and romance. They need to control how they dispense it to control their perceived value. We are taught to say no and to not arouse unwanted attention, or else it would be our own fault if something happened that we didn’t like. That only s l u t s and w h o r e s enjoy physical intimacy, so if you want it, then that is what you are. And those kinds of girls don’t deserve respect or care.

They are hungry for care, attention, and love. They see that way that I am putting attention on to the ladies, and they want some too. There is such a lack of care in our world – especially for sensitive men – that they will take it anywhere, they can get it. They sense that I might understand their side of the coin – which I do more than most – which leads them to reach out to me.

Are there reasons you think I missed? Feel free to share in the comments.

I do work with men, women, and couples. It just so happens that right now, I’m putting my focus on women. I’m hoping that the extra attention and focus will encourage women to shed some of the conditioning that has them bound up in a no-win situation regarding physical intimacy and pleasure.

Ladies – if you could relate to any of these ideas about conditioning and how it’s affected your life, I invite you to join my 5 Day Female Pleasure Mapping Challenge that is happening in my Facebook group at

Join the group, go to events and click “going” so I know I can count you in.

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