Anal Massage Lesson For Young Couple

Sometimes you have to try something totally different.

Couples Sex Coach Session For Christmas Part 2

anal massage sex coaching for conservative couples Sex Coach Nikki LundbergThen I asked them if they had ever considered anal sex.  They said no but they were open to it.  I had her flip over to her stomach and began massaging her glutes and sit bones.  I explained to him all that I was doing.  Using lots of lube I began to massage the crack of her ass.  Very slowly.  I told her before every change in stimulation I made.  I went from that to direct pressure onto her anus.  Using my 3 fingers together I placed them broadly against her anus and pressed into her body slowly increasing the pressure until it was firm checking with her all the time to make sure it was feeling good.  She enjoyed all the external stimulation.  I moved on – slowly – using one fingertip to massage her external sphincter.  Just dipping the tip of my finger into her anus I gently applied pressure – up, to the right, down, and to the left – checking at each point to see if she felt pain and also explaining to her boyfriend what I was doing.

Since everything was feeling good I sunk my finger in a bit deeper so I was penetrating her inner sphincter.  I repeated the pressure in the four different directions.  At this point she wasn’t feeling pleasure just pressure.  I explained that that was fine and that she would take some time to become used to this type of stimulation and to allow it to become erotic.

I slowly began sliding my finger in and out of her anus.  I just kept my finger straight and didn’t apply any pressure in any direction.  She was able to take my entire finger into her anus without discomfort of any kind.  I told them that they would most likely be having anal sex before they had vaginal sex since she wasn’t feeling pain in this area.  I gently bent my finger aiming my finger tip toward her pubic bone.  For the first time she felt the pleasure of pressure against her g-spot.  At the same time she felt like she may have to have a bowel movement.  I reassured her that there was no fecal matter in her rectum and it was just habit that when she felt pressure in this area it meant she had to go to the bathroom and that with practice that physical signal would change.

Her boyfriend wanted to try so I moved and he sat where I had been between her knees.  I coached him to go slower and slower.  He did and was so pleased when he was able to penetrate his girlfriend without bringing her pain.  He began sliding his finger in and out of her anus.  As he got more excited he began to speed up and she asked him to stop.  He did and I explained that the tissue is very sensitive and this is a new type of stimulation.  Over time he would be able to “finger fuck” her and even add a second finger.  I told him that the sign that she would be ready for anal sex is when he is able to smoothly slide tow fingers in and out of her anus without causing discomfort.

We mutually decided she felt done and it was his turn to work with me.

Proper Penetration Preparation

I get a ton of questions about how to make anal sex feel good.  First of all, it’s not for everyone.  Second of all, it may take practice (for both giver and receiver) before it’s pleasurable.  There are of skills and techniques you can develop but there are also ‘helper’ items that I like to use even now that I know what I’m doing:)

These are a couple of different items I use whenever I’m going to have anal penetration.

First, I use an organic anal relaxing spray like the one in the picture. This one says “for women” but that is just marketing – the one for men has the same things in it.

When you spray this on you usually feel a warming sensation and it may even be tingly. This passes rather quickly leaving you more aroused than when you started. For a lot of women it makes them instantly wetter. This takes 5 to 10 to go into full effect.

After that’s feeling good on the exterior, I move on to using a lube for the interior. It also has organic relaxers. Work this into the butt and give it a few minutes to do it’s magic.

Neither of these numb so you won’t be in danger of getting hurt and not knowing it. Don’t get them on your pussy or cock – or mouth – it won’t hurt but it will feel funny and might make it harder to climax.

I also find that I like to add a bit more wetness to the mix as well. That’s when I mix in the Jo H2O lubricant. I like mixing the water based lube in… it’s also handy for more sensitive vaginal sex:)

If you have some lubes and products you like feel free to share – these are what have worked best for me:)

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