Masturbation Coaching For Slow Sex

When trying something new as a couple it’s ideal for both to get coaching together.  Also, the habits of each persons solo sex will effect the couple’s partner sex.

Couples Sex Coach Session For Christmas Part 3

masturbation coaching sex coaching for conservative couples Sex Coach Nikki LundbergHe lay on the bed on his back and I sat between his knees.  We talked about his masturbation habits and techniques.   He masturbates several times a week using porn.  I saw how he was touching himself while I was working with his girlfriend.  He used a strong grip and aggressive jacking motions.  I explained that not many pussies would be able to re-create that type of intense stimulation.  He would need to change his habits in order to become sensitized for the gentler feeling of vaginal penetration.  Even for anal sex where the sphincter is tighter he will need to go slowly at first and that could make his erection wane.  On top of all that they want to use condoms for birth control and since condoms can also decrease sensation he needed to get his cock more sensitive to subtle stimulation.

Using my hand and lube I gently massaged his cock somewhat simulating the way a pussy would feel.  He was not able to become fully erect because the lack of stimulation – both visual and physical.  That’s the other thing about having the habit of using pornography to masturbate – partner sex is usually not as visually sensational.  A person may have no problem becoming aroused and climaxing with porn but with their partner they may be unable to and this is why.  I explained to him that not only does he need to become more sensitive to gentler stimulation but he also needs to become more in touch with his body and physical stimulation in general so he won’t be reliant upon visual stimulation.  I asked him if he had ever done PC muscle exercises and he said no.  I explained that with strong pelvic floor muscles he could consciously pump more blood into his dick and his erection would also be stronger and thicker.

In light of all this information I suggested he enroll in my 30 day self pleasure program which outlines a routine for becoming more sensate focused and strengthening the PC muscles.


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Masturbation Coaching

I’ve done several masturbation coaching sessions this month.  It’s extremely satisfying to help people learn new things.

For the guys I’ve worked with there have been 2 main problems.

1.  It’s hard to cum during partnersex.  I know, some people wish they had this problem.  But it can be very frustrating when you are with a girl only every once in a while and sometimes you can’t even cum by the end of that time.

2.  Not having enough stamina – cumming too quick.  The national average for guys thrusting time before ejaculation is 3 minutes.  This is still pretty fast considering the time it takes for the average gal to climax is about 30 minutes.  Even putting her pleasure to the side… since the guy is cumming so quick he’s not getting much time to enjoy his arousal and the time he is erect he’s worried about cumming too soon and not really in the moment.

Also there are specific things I suggest in each case, for both I recommend a more consistent masturbation practice – daily if possible:).  Masturbation is a type of training and a type of meditation.  You are training your body for sustained pleasure.  For the benefits of meditation, practice breathing deeply through the mouth, being aware of your body and unplugging from the porn as much as possible.  It’s a good tool for arousal but it can desensitize you to reality.

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